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Smartphone Application, SEGA Catcher Online Released in the U.S. – You Can Now Play CRAW MACHINE Whenever and Wherever! Prizes Delivered to Your Doorstep!

Sega Entertainment Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Satoshi Ueno, headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo) today announces that it will be rolling out Sega Catcher Online, a service that enables people to play UFO Catcher®*1 online, as its first foreign smartphone application targeting the U.S.*2 on January 22, 2020 ( Japan Standard Time ). With this development, people will be able to enjoy Sega Catcher Online on iPhones and Android applications even in the U.S.

Sega Catcher Online is a service that allows users to control real crane game machines, such as UFO Catcher® online, and can be played whenever and wherever, 24 hours a day. Prizes won in-game can be delivered to a specified address for free. Ever since this service was rolled out in Japan in December 2017, good reviews have been received from our users.

Starting in December 2019, services targeting the U.S. were limited to computers, but it is now available on smartphone applications as well.

Starting with the U.S., the prizes that can be won in Japanese crane game machines have been gathering popularity overseas. Sega Catcher Online has a large lineup of licensed popular prizes, and ever since the computer service was rolled out last December, many U.S. users have enjoyed the game. However, with the new release of the smartphone application, the hope is to enable people to enjoy playing whenever and wherever, in accordance with their schedules.

Prizes won are safely and quickly delivered to a specified address through the Express Mail Services (EMS) provided through Japan Post Co., Ltd. Upon receiving requests for shipping, prizes will be delivered to various locations around the U.S. in around a week, though the region and time of shipping can affect this timeline. The fact that there are few shipping mishaps is a reason that helps build trust for Sega Catcher Online.

Sega Catcher Online will continue working to provide “fun spaces” to an ever-growing number of customers.

[Service Overview]

Name of service :

Sega Catcher Online

Compatible devices :

Smartphones (iOS 10.0 and above/AndroidOS 4.0.3 and above)

Computer (Windows 7 and above, MacOSX and above)

Price per play :

150 SP~ *3

Shipping fee :

Free up to once a week. 500 SP for subsequent deliveries within Japan per delivery, 2,000 SP for subsequent deliveries overseas per delivery.

Multiple prizes can be combined in deliveries.

Country of residence :

Upon registration, users will be required to select Japan or the their country of residence (delivery destination).

Official website :

*1    UFO Catcher is a trademark or a registered trademark of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. and related companies.

*2    Services targeting U.S. indicates a service that can be delivered to users residing in the U.S. (delivery destination).

*3    1 SP is worth approximately 1 Japanese yen, although this can change slightly depending on the currency you use.

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