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NSFOCUS Released the New Web Application Firewall (WAF) System in the Data Center and Enterprise Market

TOKYO, Aug. 1, 2013 /PRN KYODO JBN/ –

The latest NSFOCUS WAF system provides a complete solution

NSFOCUS( ), a provider of integrated web
security solution for global enterprises, today launched its new WAF system,
further strengthening its capability in providing an integrated web security
solution in the Data Center and Enterprise Market.

By integrating multiple Web security check methods into a COMPLETE solution,
the new WAF system protects Web applications from both current and future
attacks. A behavior-based Anti-DDoS mechanism is integrated, so the new WAF
version can not only cope with Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
Top 10 security threats, but also inhibit such DDoS attacks as Low Orbit Ion
Cannon (LOIC) and High Orbit Ion Cannon (HOIC). In addition, the new WAF system
can offer a PCI-DSS compliance report.

The COMPLETE in COMPLETE solution strives towards two goals: to help
customers completely solve their complex web security issues and be easy to
customers to use.

It has the following features:
Customer Asset Perspective
Optimized Configuration Wizard
– Multiple Rule-Based Inspections
– PCI-DSS Compliance Reports
Layered Security Mechanism
– Effective Auto-Learning and White List
– Transparent, Drop-in Deployment
– Emergency Response through Cloud Security Service.

By providing a highly secure solution for customers, the new WAF version
guarantees security of web applications and relevant data. NSFOCUSWAF has
been adopted by over 1,500 enterprises and organizations in the Asia-Pacific
market; including telecom operators, financial institutions, and Internet
service providers (ISPs).

Founded in 2000, NSFOCUS, Inc. (NSFOCUS) provides enterprise-level,
carrier-grade solutions and services for distributed denial of service (DDoS)
mitigation, Web security and enterprise-level network security. With more than
10 years of experience in DDoS research and, development, and mitigation,
NSFOCUS has helped customers around the world maintain high levels of Internet
security, website uptime, and business operations to ensure that their online
systems remain available. The NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS System (ADS) empowers customers
to find and fend off a variety of incidents, from simple network layer attacks
to more sophisticated and potentially damaging application-layer attacks, all
while guaranteeing legitimate traffic gets through to networks and
corporate-critical systems. For more information, visit .