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Hakusensha’s ‘Berserk’ Board Game Set for Worldwide Production and Sale!

Digital Catapult Inc. (Headquarters: Bunkyo, Tokyo; CEO: Takehiko Nishiyama), which specializes in the sale and production of digital content and mediation of overseas licenses, has announced the production and global sale of English and French versions of the board game for Hakusensha’s ‘Berserk,’ serialized in ‘Young Animal’ (Headquarters: Chiyoda, Tokyo; CEO: Hiromu Sugawara).

The design, production, and sale of the game will be handled by Monolith Board Games, a renowned French board game manufacturer acclaimed worldwide for their work on board games like DC Comics’ ‘Batman.’ The upcoming ‘Berserk’ board game will captivate many fans both domestically and internationally with its grand storyline and intricate artwork. The fusion of high-level game design and the appeal of ‘Berserk’ will allow players to enjoy gameplay that faithfully reproduces the essence of the original work. The completion and sales start date are yet to be determined, but the game is expected to be available globally, including in Europe and North America.

Digital Catapult Inc. has previously been involved in the licensing of both figures of popular Japanese manga characters and manga content rights. They will continue to focus on the global distribution of manga content, which is gaining popularity worldwide.

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Digital Catapult Inc. was established to distribute content globally. Currently acting as an agent for Japanese publishers, we support the licensing of manga content in over 15 countries, including translation publishing, online distribution, gamification, and film adaptation. We operate the digital comic sales site ‘Sokuyomi,’ aggregate content for other comprehensive e-book sites, and engage in the production and sale of original digital comics, as well as the production of digital comic files.

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