Discover the hidden treasures of Japan: a spectacular cultural legacy, in unity with nature

TOKYO, Jan.28, 2022 — Last November, the Agency for Cultural Affairs, in cooperation with the Japan National Tourism Organization, revealed additional special content featuring exclusive destinations for its Japan Heritage website. The content helps provide a more relaxed travel experience; soaking in the local atmosphere and taking a deep dive into Japan Heritage’s unique combination of historic traditions and bold innovation. As with all Japan Heritage content, there is a strong emphasis on sustainability and preserving the country’s cultural legacy.

The special content pages highlight the harmony between culture and the natural landscape. For example, switch off in the private space of a traditional country villa or luxury seaside resort and indulge in the region’s gastronomic delights – carefully selected local ingredients cooked to perfection. Enjoy a variety of exceptional activities both in your accommodation and the surrounding countryside. Experience the essence of Japan and discover a cultural legacy for the generations.

Special content #2: Nakasendo: The path to a bygone era

An ancient path cuts through the picturesque countryside of Nagano Prefecture. It’s the Nakasendo, a centuries-old mountain road that has been traveled by scores of samurai, monks, peasants, and even an emperor. Along this path, discover local shops, hidden shrines, and breathtaking views.

A lifetime away from the bright lights of Tokyo, the Kiso region in Nagano Prefecture allows visitors to truly discover a Japan that is straight out of a storybook. Stone paths, wooden buildings, and quaint post towns await those travelers lucky enough to be let in on the secret of the Kiso Valley.

A crossroads of luxury and history, the area allows for true historical immersion while also offering stays in some of the most exclusive traditional lodgings in the country.

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Japan Heritage Official Website: Japan Heritage is a project focusing on various historic cultural properties across Japan, from those famous across the world to hidden gems known only to the select few. The website features deep-dive reports, stunning virtual reality and video content, descriptions of the historical backgrounds of cultural properties, and much more. Links are provided to download many of these content free of charge.

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