Future travelers look to Japan – Inside Japan Tours presents Japan Heritage sites

As the world continues its battle against the novel coronavirus, many people are finding comfort in planning the vacations they want to take after the pandemic subsides. They imagine a leisurely stay in some far-off land, which naturally turns their minds to the ancient nation of Japan.

The British travel firm Inside Japan Tours has therefore teamed with Japan’s Agency of Cultural Affairs to launch a blog series introducing Japan Heritage, a diverse selection of cultural properties designated by the agency that range from some of this nation’s most famous locations to hidden gems almost unknown to the rest of the world. This vibrant, detailed series will transport you to these fascinating places, shaped by the natural beauty and long history of Japan, and help you prepare for the in-person travels we all hope to make soon.

Inside Japan Tours 

Japan Heritage blog series


Japan Heritage Official Site

(English edition specifically for overseas visitors)

Key features of this website, set up by the Japan National Tourism Organization, include:

・Stunning virtual reality and video content – readers will feel as if they have actually journeyed to each location.

・Historical and cultural information – compiled specifically for foreign readers – is provided for each property, helping visitors understand their true significance in the history of Japan.

Digital Content Available for Free Download and Use

A wide array of materials on Japan Heritage sites and other cultural assets throughout Japan – including photographs, videos and explanatory texts – are available for download at (materials are provided in both Japanese and English).

The virtual reality, ultra-high-definition 4K and 8K videos and other digital content found here not only allow visitors to experience Japanese culture online, they can be freely shared by anyone. All downloadable material may be used in accordance with the site’s Terms of Use and the applicable Creative Commons license.

Content is currently available for cultural assets in all 47 of Japan’s prefectures, with more digital content to be added in the future.

An Agency for Cultural Affairs project

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