Tokimeki♡The dress-up cooperation RPG CocoPPa Dolls “Hello Kitty” is appointed to official supporter!

UNITED, Inc. (Office:Shibuyaku Tokyo, CEO:Tomonori Hayakawa) is announcing the latest 56 million downloaded app, Tokimeki♡The dress-up cooperation RPG CocoPPa Dolls, and Sanrio Company, Ltd. (Office:Shinagawaku Tokyo) “Hello Kitty” is appointed to official supporter of the app. Also, official website is published, and recruitment of official supporter and pre-registration campaign have begun.
”Hello Kitty” is appointed to official supporter

“Hello Kitty” is appointed to official supporter to promote CocoPPa Dolls together. “Hello Kitty” will appear on official website.

Hello Kitty

“I’m Kitty and I’m appointed to official supporter of CocoPPa Dolls !
I will promote the attractions of CocoPPa Dolls to all over the world♡
I’m also excited what our rolls in the app will be! I appreciate your support♡”

CocoPPa Dolls is looking for official supporter who can promote together. If you register as a supporter, an original supporter certification card with your favorite design will be issued and you will receive various limited benefits depending on your support activities. Let’s take this opportunity to become an official supporter and enjoy CocoPPa Dolls. 
-Official Supporter Registration:

Hello Kitty on Outfit Trial
In “Outfit Trial”, where you can try the part of CocoPPa Dolls, Hello Kitty will be joining. There will be more of campaigns in “Outfit Trial”, so please look forward to our news.

-Outfit Trial:

About CocoPPa Dolls

CocoPPa Dolls is scheduled to be released globally and its concept is “Coordinate with friends all over the world in fashionable outfits♡”. There are more than 1,000 kinds of outfits and player can enjoy it with global friends. The game has various contents, such as story mode for 1 person and stage mode(GvG *1) for up to 10 people.

-Official website:

About Pre-Registration Campaign

Pre-registration campaign, that gives out to all players depends on the number of registrations, has begun.

Pre-registration Benefits
Over 10,000: Platinum x250
Over 30,000: Platinum x500
Over 50,000: Platinum x750
Over 70,000: Platinum x1000
Over 100,000: Platinum x1500
*Platinum x70 = 1 Gacha Play
*The benefit is based on the total number of registrations

How to register
Following methods are available for pre-registration
-Follow Facebook
-Follow Instagram
-Follow Twitter
-Register by e-mail from official website

*1 Guild vs Guild. Compete with other players’ guild. 

Overview of App
Title: CocoPPa Dolls
Genre: Tokimeki ♡ The dress-up cooperation RPG
Supported OS:Android™, iOS
Price:Free to play(in-app purchase)
Release:Early Spring on 2020
Official Website:
Official Facebook:

Overview of UNITED
Head Office: MFPR Shibuya Bldg 9F, 1-2-5 Shibuya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo, 150-0002
Corporate Representative: Tomonori Hayakawa, CEO
Capital: 2,922million yen(end of March 2018)