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Kintori, a Recording Solution to Eliminate Hectic Meetings Memos

Sagas Co., Ltd. (Shibuya, Tokyo; Representative Director: Fujio Katafuchi has announced “Kintori,” an IT solution that utilizes network cameras, and is planning to begin sales soon.
“Kintori” is a new product that seemed to exist without actually existing, as it records both video and audio of meetings, interviews, and other situations where people communicate, making it easier to start filming, save, search, and utilize videos through online controls.

・”Notes are no longer needed!” Audio and video for meetings can be recorded and saved as is as minutes.

・Keep “evidence” during discussion of contracts and negotiations.

・Hiring interviews, roleplaying, and other internal activities can be recorded, and information can be shared among multiple users.


Setup is complete just by placing a network camera that is compatible with this service and connecting it to the internet. Use the dedicated website to Start and Stop filming and search and manage data. Saved audio data can be searched by “keywords,” “date and time,” and “chapters.” Document can also be transferred into text or PDF format as well. Multiple cameras compatible for use with this solution, and data storage capacity can also be assigned as desired by the user.

Kintori utilizes network cameras made by AXIS COMMUNICATIONS.


Details and scenarios of use are contained in the product website

History of Development

When people speak to each other in companies and organizations, there is always an issue of what was and was not said. In many instances one side denies saying something, while the other insists it was said.

In order to resolve these issues, Sagas Co. created a service that keeps audio and visual proof of comments by utilizing small, high-quality network cameras to record the sounds and sights from the scene.

Characteristics of the Service

In contrast to past “video cameras” and “voice recorders,” tapes and memory cards are unnecessary, as each instance is designed to be saved as an “individual piece of data,” making it easy to use later. Therefore, this characteristic can be used for “hiring interviews,” “internal interviews,” “seminars,” “lectures,” and other scenes that require audio and visual records. Data can be stores in a cloud service or a physical server designated by the user. For the cloud service, it would be possible to access the video data through the internet from anywhere.


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