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ARCUS Begins Development of VEstate Platform, a Blockchain-based Real Estate Transaction Starting October 22

ARCUS Inc. (Toshima, Tokyo; Representative: Takayoshi Ogami), a company specializes in IT consulting and operational support for real estate businesses, is excited to announce the development of “VEstate Platform” will begin on October 22th, 2018. The platform uses blockchain technology to convert real estate into digital tokens, enabling divided ownership and global transactions at low costs.

VEstate Official Site

“Digital Tokens that Never Lose Value,” as Their Value Is Tied to Real Estate

On the “VEstate Platform,” the 2 digital tokens of the “VEST Token,” which is a token for value that is compliant with ERC223 standards, and the “APPT Token,” which is a token for voting that is compliant with ERC721 standards, will be issued.

The token for value is tied to the value of real estate, as many players who possess the token required for voting, which is funded by real estate settlements.

“Secure Managerial Governance” Utilizing the Qualities of Blockchain
A log of important decisions made regarding real estate management are written in the token for voting. Since blockchain is used, it is not realistically possible to falsify the token for voting that has divided ownership. Additionally, the key individuals who operate real estate on behalf of the owners of the digital tokens are forcibly regulated by the token for voting.

Accounting Schemes that Use “Leverage”
Although funds that are gathered through social lending are considered to be debt, funds that are gathered through the sales of digital tokens are considered to be sales. If a profit is derived from these sales, a loan to obtain real estate using this as a down payment will become possible, so the token for value can be used as leverage.

“Real estates and financial regulation differ among countries which limits the number of investors capable of managing their properties in different boarders. My goal is to revolutionize the current market by providing access to a broader audience through the VEstate platform” CEO- Takayoshi Ogami


[About ARCUS Inc.] Company Name: ARCUS Inc.
Representative: Takayoshi Ogami
Location: 1-1-9 Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo
Business Content: Planning, Development, and Operations of Advanced Services Utilizing IT

[Inquiries Regarding this Matter] Phone Number: ∔81-50-5587-7800 (Ogami)