digitagames Launching Their Two Latest Mini Games on December 21

Japanese smartphone games developer studio digitagames today announced that their two latest mini games will launch on December 21, 2018. Company expects both of their games will entice a wide range of audience.

GIFU, Japan, Dec. 21, 2018 – digita,Inc. based in Ena city Gifu prefecture Japan, full of natural beauty and tourist attraction region with curvy green mountains making their way throughout whole Japan. Along with the smartphone gaming business as “digitagames” an online order based printing company and a recruitment site “Worgner” also sits under the umbrella of digita,Inc. digitagames are setting out on their gaming business journey with their two latest mini games “Aquatic life adventure” and “Glowing cat” will launch on Friday, December 21, 2018.

Compete with the challengers across the globe!
Aquatic Life Adventure action/adventure game overview.

AlA title

A thrilling action / adventure scroll game where the adventure takes place under the sea. While going through the different and unique stages of this adventure maneuver up, down and on the sides to pick up bounties while avoiding obstacles. Shrimps can be collected during this adventure and can be used to cultivate pearls in order to upgrade character and other enhancing skills.

There are three difficulty levels to choose from for each stage. speed increases as the difficulty level goes up. There is also a stage called “dark stage” where entire stage gets darker where vision is limited to a certain distance and beyond that there is no visibility and difficulty for this mode is at the top.

Another unique feature in Aquatic Life Adventure is it’s “infinite stage” if you don’t like the regular stages or don’t want to be restricted and limited to stage rules then Aquatic Life Adventure offers infinite stage, where you can compete against challengers around the world and keep climbing up your score ladder. Since the operation is quite simple and straightforward where difficulty can be chosen, not only a wide range of audience can enjoy this game but also those who are not a big fan of action games.

There are various ways Aquatic Life Adventure can be enjoyed, you can try and clear all the difficulty levels in a stage, or you can challenge and compete with players around the globe. It is a great time passer and you can equally enjoy it on daily train commutes.
Stage2 Stage

– About the application –

Launch date: December 21, 2018
Launching on: Google Play / App Store
Price: Free (with in app purchases)
Languages supported: Japanese / English / Chinese (Simplified) / Chinese (Traditional) / Korean / Spanish (Latin) /Hindi / Arabic / Indonesian

Official website: https: //

Overview of amusing, fun and easy to play Glowing Cat 
“Let’s capture and collect insects with different glowing animals”

Glowing cat title

In Glowing Cat, there are multiple glowing animals such as cat, dog, bear,…etc, that attract the insects on their light and getting captured and stored in an album. There are more than seventy different creatures to be captured. When the game is at rest for a short period of time the species will gradually start hovering on light and can be captured with a tap on the screen of your smartphone.

Glowing animals can be customized in a variety of ways to attract and capture rare species. Glowing animals start to dim out with the passage of time which can be restored by recharging with set of mini games. Intact five different mini games to recharge the animal glow. Certainly one out of five will sit in your favorite list if not more. In addition to complete the insect album it can also be played to get you through spare time and if you are fond of surprises the rare creatures will cheer your mood up.

Glowing Cat could help ease and comfort the daily busy schedule of you and your child’s life and provide you with the platform where you can communicate and enjoy with friends around the globe.

complete the album mini game

– About the application –
Launch date: December 21, 2018
Launching on: Google Play
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Languages supported: Japanese / English / Chinese (Traditional) / and Korean
Official website: https: //

About digita
digita,Inc. ( is engaged in online order based high quality low price printing. digita printing specializes and well known for their apparel printing such as T-shirts, parkers, towels, etc. and not to mention their high quality weatherproof ink printing for outdoor stickers with which the company set off their printing business. Full color indoor sticker printing is also part of their success. In addition, digita print responds to customer needs with a variety of products such as package printing and clear file printing.

In order to cater the needs of customers from the different walks of life, digita provides easy to operate free design simulator for the customers not familiar with special designing software or can’t afford one.

“Worgner” ( a recruitment site, where people can easily hook up with advertised jobs. Wronger is created in such a way that it can land you your dream job without too much of a hassle and time consuming.

“digitagames” (, a wing of digita,Inc where smartphone game applications are developed and created. digita games aim to provide games that more people can connect with and enjoy regardless of their age and gender.

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Public relations : Kaoru Sumiya