CHUGAI PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. : Chugai Renews its “Story of Biotechnology” Website

October 11, 2013 (Tokyo) – Bio no Hanashi (Story of Biotechnology),” featured in “Illnesses and Drugs,” one of web contents in Chugai website for general public.

“Story of Biotechnology” is composed of two topics, “Easy Learning of Biotechnology and Genomes” and “Easy Learning of Antibody Drugs,” each offered in easily-understood terms. This information provision site was established with the aim of having people of broad-ranging age groups, from children to adults, gain a deeper understanding of biotechnology that makes the actions of an organism useful in people’s daily lives, as well as antibody drugs that were developed by using such technology.

The newly updated “Story of Biotechnology” features the following updates with enhanced accessibility and usability:

(1) Improved menus to enable faster and easier searches of target information

(2) Realization of video replays in multiple devices such as smartphones and tablet terminals

(3) Introduction of medical treatment with use of iPS cells

(4) Introduction of Chugai’s innovative next-generation antibody technologies

The content was produced under the editorial supervision of Dr. Izumi Kumagai, Professor Emeritus and Guest Professor of bioengineering at Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering.

We hope that this renewed website gives you a understand that various innovative healthcare are being created with the advance of biotechnology, and that Chugai succeeded for the first time in Japan in the development of an antibody drug by using the biotechnologies that have been accumulated as the pioneer. It is also our hope that you will understand our stance in working to discover and create innovative drugs with our unique, next-generation antibody technologies.

Chugai will strive to provide relevant information to be able an even greater number of people to deepen their understanding of biotechnology. At the same time, as the leading company in the field of biopharmaceuticals, we will continue to work to develop innovative products addressing unmet medical needs.


Figure 1. New “Story of Biotechnology”: Easy Learning of Biotechnology and Genomes: Only)

Figure 2. New “Story of Biotechnology”: Easy Learning of Antibody Drugs: Only)

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