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Exclusive BTS content to be released on “smash.” on Friday, June 18 at 8 AM!

Exclusive BTS content to be released on “smash.” on Friday, June 18 at 8 AM!

The first episode is free and airs today for 60 minutes from 8 to 9 AM(JST)

A new episode will be released every week featuring how members spend their days off on “”

Content will also be broadcast simultaneously in South Korea and U.S. as part of our first global initiative

On June 18, 2021 (Friday) at 8 AM, SHOWROOM Co., Ltd. (Shibuya City, Tokyo; CEO and President Yuji Maeda) will broadcast exclusive and original BTS content on “smash.”, the vertical theater app offering video content made specifically for smartphones. A new episode is scheduled to be released every Friday, and some of the episodes will be available for free (*). In addition, as part of the long awaited expansion into global markets, content will be simultaneously broadcast in South Korea and U.S. This is the  first step in “smash.” offering even more free video content in its effort to provide exclusive content to a wider audience in Japan and around the world.

(*) The first episode will be broadcast for free from 8 to 9 AM (JST) on Friday, June 18. Partial episodes of other BTS original content are also scheduled to be available for free on “smash.”. Follow the official “smash.” social media accounts for more information on free episodes and viewing availability. The content can be viewed by downloading and registering on the “smash.” app.

*BTS original content viewing page: 

smash. Service Overview

Vertical theater app made specifically for smartphone viewing. In collaboration with the likes of Johnny & Associates and music producer Yasushi Akimoto, “smash.” offers a range of exclusive, vertical videos including original content from Hey! Say! JUMP, Nogizaka 46, and Hinatazaka 46, music and content from K-pop artists, variety shows, and radio-linked programs such as All Night Nippon X. The app also offers the unique Pick feature that enables viewers to create and save clips up to 15 seconds long of their favorite video content, just by clipping two fingers together. Create a collection of Picked clips on your account page or share them on social media using this new gesture that the “.smash” app will introduce to the world. “.smash” also has social features such as chatrooms for “premiere” content (real-time livestreams) that will enable users can connect with each other through the service.

– App launched: October 22, 2020 (Thurs.)

– Fees: Free version available / Paid version is 550 yen per month (tax incl.) for unlimited viewing of all content

– Company: SHOWROOM Co., Ltd.

– How to use the app:



– Social media: 

SHOWROOM Company Profile

Founded with a mission to “create a world where everyone has equal opportunities and hard work is rewarded fairly,” SHOWROOM is a streaming platform for live video broadcasts. SHOWROOM aims to create new viewer experiences where you can get totally absorbed in your support for someone, with live broadcasts from streamers (“Livers”) in a range of genres. As of the end of May 2021, SHOWROOM had over 5.2 million registered members. SHOWROOM is also developing new products and services, including VR/AR and other new technologies.(