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CONTENTS ANALYST beta version to be released in late December, 2018 -Easily discover what content influenced purchasers of products on e-commerce sites

Pomalo Inc. (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Shuji Takahashi; hereinafter “Pomalo”) has announced that in late December, 2018 it will release the beta version of CONTENTS ANALYST, a tool that enables analysis of what content on an e-commerce site influenced the purchase of products from the site.



■ Reasons for the launch of a web service

E-commerce sites are increasingly uploading content to in-site web magazines, especially in fashion, beauty, and other retail industries.

Research by our company has revealed that, on average, a user visits an e-commerce site 3 times and views a total of 80 pages before making a purchase on the site. This means that it is necessary to properly analyze the value of content leading to purchase, design landing pages matched to targets, and engage in ad distribution.

Example: Ad distribution aimed at new targets

Lead visitors to web content showcasing a brand and its commitment to craftsmanship, and analyze the indirect conversion effect over 3 months.

However, with free site analytical tools such as Google Analytics, value can be analyzed only for a small portion of content, such as the contribution of the last touch to purchase, and customization is required, creating burdens for web marketing managers. Conversely, the paid versions of analytical tools are expensive, and present a high hurdle for many companies.

In short, managers who are unable to properly analyze content on e-commerce sites have a need for specialized tools that enable easy analysis of the value of site content.

■ Overview of the web service

CONTENTS ANALYST is a specialized tool for evaluation and analysis of the varied content in e-commerce sites.

・Name of service: CONTENTS ANALYST

・Official release date: Late December, 2018

・Service URL:

・Service fee: Initial fee ¥100,000; monthly fee from ¥50,000



1.Enables analysis of e-commerce sales effectiveness via content

Analysis is possible from three perspectives: “Last Touch” for the last purchase made via content, “Landing” for visits to content pages that quickly led to purchase, and “Assist” for visits to pages that indirectly led to purchase. This information can be used in the design of target-specific web marketing landing pages.

2.Discover effective content, by product sold

Effectiveness of content can be analyzed by purchased product, category, and brand. Discovering what content is effective for each product is helpful in reviewing or drafting plans.

3.Discover number of product page jumps and reach number

Learn the reach number for each content item, and the number of jumps from content pages to product detail pages, at a glance. The effectiveness of non-purchase content can also be analyzed easily without complex configuration.

4.Easy to implement, easy to use even by managers not familiar with the web

Just place tags to get started. No complex configuration is necessary, making use easy even for managers not familar with tools.


■ Future rollout

As CONTENTS ANALYST is a beta version, feedback from user companies will be incorporated and used in feature updates.

Pomalo plans to release a variety of services under the keyword “Editing x IT”.


■ Company overview

Company name: Pomalo Inc.

Representative : Shuji Takahashi, CEO

Location: 3-15-14 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Established: January 2016

Mission: Change information into “Exciting Things”

Description of business :

Services based on keyword “Editing x IT”

Editing department services

“Editing School” educational service for editors

CONTENTS ANALYST content analysis tool



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