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Public-Participation Style Sustainable Town Planning: Ogawa Town, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Launching “Project SDGs Town & People”

Ogawa Town of Saitama Prefecture is launching its town project “Ogawa SDGs Town & People Project” in June 2020, as actively promoting SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The goal of this project is to implement its public-participation style town-planning for a sustainable town. The town-planning uses the best of Ogawa’s unique local resources, such as richly blessed nature, beautiful scenery of the Satoyama landscape, traditional Japanese paper craftsman’s technique (registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage), organic agriculture and most importantly, the quality time that you can gently immerse yourself in nature.

Project Overviews

The project has received a grant for the promotion of rural area revitalization. Making the best use of the grant, the project should contribute to the three elements that the global society is dealing with: ecology, economy and society.

The goals of the project are

1) a value improvement of rural areas through town-planning and people nurturing and

2) implementation of a sustainable circular economic society where people and nature live together in peace.

The “6S COMMITMENTS” are the most important elements for the town-planning project. A platform for public participation will be created so the residents can take leading parts in the town-planning.


1. To be a Slow Master

We appreciate the quality time that you can gently immerse yourself in nature, which is a little away from cities.

2. To be a Story Master

We appreciate each “story” behind the history and culture.

3. To be a Social Master

We aim for town-planning to make a community where various people are involved, support and solve problems. 

4. To be a Sustainable Master

We aim to create a sustainable circular economic society where people and nature exist together in peace.

5. To be a Safety Master

We aim to nurture the town and people who can handle the challenging circumstances.

6. To be a Small Master

We aim for regional revitalization, valuing quality not quantity

Learning from the leaders of business and industry for “town-planning” with SDGs.

All speakers in the platform event are leaders of businesses and industries. As receiving plenty of wisdom for town-planning, individuals, groups, businesses and administration inside and outside the town will work together in order to achieve the goals of SDGs.

Kickoff Event OGAWA 6S COMMITMENT Forum

・Online Event

・Sunday, June 28th, 2 pm-4pm

・Mr. Kenichi Goto, the leading person in SDGs. He will be sharing his experiences and passion. Highly recommended.

・Kenichi Goto: Snow Peak Regional Revitalization Consulting, CEO

Let’s learn and create the future of our town together!

Currently recruiting participants!

Go to Ogawa Town website for details.


Application form:

the Organic, general incorporated association
Ogawa CDGs Town & People Project

Akakasa 9-6-29 Pacific Nogizaka 508, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-0052