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NTT Resonant to Substantially Expand Lineup of Smartphones/Tablets Usable for Cloud-based Mobile Testing Service

TOKYO, Sept. 26, 2013 — NTT Resonant Inc. announced on September 26 that it will substantially expand its lineup of smartphones and tablets available for its “Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit” service to a total of 173 units of 156 models by adding 8 models, including iPad mini and Nexus 10. Previously beta-tested iOS handsets will also be available on a commercial basis for the service, which is a cloud-based remote time-shared service for verifying newly designed smartphone and tablet apps and which boasts the world’s fastest image transfer.

The company also said the service will be made available in a general Internet access environment such as offices connected to the Internet via proxy servers.

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1. Available tablets increased

We will substantially increase the number of tablets available for our remote service, having received many such requests from our users as the market for tablets grows rapidly. With an increasing number of users switching from PCs to tablets, the need for user interface easy to use with tablets is growing. We will make the process efficient by adding 8 models to the lineup, including popular ones such as iPad mini and Nexus 10, increasing the total to 173 units of 156 models.

*Tablet models newly available for service

  • iPad mini
  • Nexus 7
  • Nexus 10
  • Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E
  • LifeTouch L LT-TLX7W1A
  • ARROWS Tab F-05E
  • dtab
  • ELUGA Live P-08D

2. iOS models ready for commercial service

iOS models, which have been beta-tested since August 9, 2013, will be made available for use on a commercial basis. With both Android and iOS units available for use, our remote verification service will be made more accurate and speedier.

*iOS models available for service

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad mini

3. Proxy server connection accepted

So far, Internet access for the service has been through direct connection to “Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit.” Now, access through the proxy server will be made available as we have received many requests for the use of the service in general offices.

4. How to use service

Visit the “Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit” website and download the dedicated software before logging in, picking a model of choice from a list of terminals and starting the software. Users will be able to do operation, design and other verification tasks while watching the connected PC screen showing instantaneous, high-speed and smooth data transfer.

“Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit” is available at

* This service is available for both Windows and Mac PCs.

5. Future service enhancement

We will consider enhancing the “Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit” in terms of functions, the number of serviceable models and OS programs, and service menus for developers to make our service more convenient to use.

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Key Features (some functions limited to Android handsets only)

  • Remote access: Testing right from your desk.
  • Cost-saving rental: Debug specific models by renting only what you need.
  • Accurate verification: Use of actual devices is superior to emulators.
  • Easy integration: As simple as plug-and-play, including easy integration with Eclipse, etc.
  • Testing tools: Enable seamless, native-like connection and automated testing.
  • Debugging output: Screenshots, screen capture and log capture are all possible.
  • Rigorous security: Devices are reset after every use, so all data are deleted.

About NTT Resonant

NTT Resonant Inc., operator of the “goo” Japanese web portal, is a leading provider of some 60 Internet services, including web searches integrated with proprietary services, search engines tailored for mobile devices, images, blogs, etc., SaaS groupware, an online store and numerous categories of online information.

NTT Resonant is a member of the NTT Group, which is headed by NTT Corporation, the world’s largest telecommunication company with over 750 subsidiaries and 100 affiliates (listings on New York, London and Tokyo stock exchanges). The head office is located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, and its President & Representative Director is Masahiro Wakai.

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Kiyono Ikeda
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