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NTT Resonant Launches Cloud-based Mobile Testing Service Featuring World’s Fastest Image Transfer for Global iOS App Developers in Addition to Android

TOKYO, Aug. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — “Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit” (Remote TestKit) cloud-based mobile testing service featuring the world’s fastest image transfer is now available to iOS application developers as a beta version free of charge in addition to Android handsets worldwide and accepts U.S. dollar payments via PayPal. NTT Resonant Inc. has been offering the service since November 13, 2012. Moreover, the company extends the service previously available only to smartphone handsets to tablets. The service offers 137 global handset models (161 units), including a large selection of models marketed only in Japan. As a special introductory offer, the service is available at half price until September 1, 2013.


1. Service extended to iOS handsets and tablets
“Developers AppKitBox — Remote TestKit” was previously available only to Android handsets. In response to strong calls from users for iOS support, NTT Resonant now starts to offer the cloud-based mobile testing service to iOS handsets as well. Also, effective today, the company begins to include tablets in its service.

Please note that the service available to iOS handsets is still in the beta version with some limits to functions. The service is free of charge during the beta period.

* Key additional iOS handsets
– iPhone5

* Key additional tablets
– IdeaTab A2109A

2. New function for confirming ticket expiry date
A new function for confirming the expiry date of a purchased ticket is added in response to user calls for an easier way to confirm the expiry date. This function makes it possible to efficiently use tickets with the knowledge of their expiry date.

3. How to use
Please visit the “Developers AppKitBox — Remote TestKit” webpage, download a dedicated program, then log in, choose from a list of handsets and enjoy the service. Users can verify their handsets, including behavior and design, while looking at the instantaneous, high-speed and smooth transfer on the screen of their connected PC.

“Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit” English-language edition URL:

* The service is available on Windows and Mac PCs.
* While the handset of your choice is being rented out to a third party, you cannot use it. Please wait until the rental handset is back on the handset list after its rental period.

4. Future plans
The company plans to make the service more convenient by further enhancing functions, increasing handset offerings and supporting more OS programs.

* The company names, services and products used in this release are the companies’ registered trademarks or trademarks.

About NTT Resonant Inc.
Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo
President & CEO: Masahiro Wakai


Key Features (some functions limited to Android handsets only)
-Remote access: Testing right from your desk.
-Cost-saving rentals: Debug specific models by renting only what you need.
-Accurate verification: Use of actual devices is superior to emulators.
-Easy integration: As simple as plug-and-play, including easy integration with Eclipse, etc.
-Testing tools: Enable seamless, native-like connection and automated testing.
-Debugging output: Screenshots, screen capture and log capture are all possible.
-Rigorous security: Devices are reset after every use, so all data is deleted.

Key Functions (some functions limited to Android handsets only)
-Integrate with Android development environment (adb shell/DDMS/Eclipse IDE).
-Test any application installed on Android
-Install via APK file with batch deletion of applications
-Input via keyboard
-Flick actions and other screen input via mouse
-Screenshot and screen capture
-Screen rotation and automatic sync
-Change window size and transmission quality (prioritize speed or quality)
-Seamless integration with existing testing tools using WebDriver

Screen Capture Features
-Screen capture: Proprietary
-Screen update: 15 times/second (stable connection of 5 Mbps or greater)
-Screen resolution: Actual size
-Screen retrieval: Surfaceflinger
-Screen transfer: Proprietary
-Key input: Proprietary
-Key input delay: Real time

Costs and Half-off Campaign
Remote TestKit is available at half price to users paying in U.S. dollars until midnight on Sunday, September 1, PDT. All normal menu items are available.

Plan Standard Cost Campaign Cost
Entry 10 USD/ 1 hour 5 USD/ 1 hour
Pro 10 100 USD/ 10 hours 50 USD/ 10 hours
Pro 50 450 USD/ 50 hours 225 USD/ 50 hours
Pro 100 830 USD/100 hours 415 USD/100 hours

Contact (media):
Kiyono Ikeda
NTT Resonant Inc.
Tel: +81-3-6703-6250

Contact (others):
Katsunori Hagino
NTT Resonant Inc.
Tel: +81-3-6703-6006

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