Hitachi Automotive Systems stereo camera with nighttime pedestrian detection adopted by Suzuki for their “Spacia” series with enhanced safety devices

Tokyo, October 5, 2020 — Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. today announced that its stereo camera, with nighttime pedestrian detection features, has been adopted by Suzuki Motor Corporation for their “Spacia” series. “Spacia” is a series of mini passenger vehicles launched in August 2020 with enhanced safety features.

In recent years, automatic brake systems have been gaining recognition as an effective method to prevent traffic accidents. In 2021, automatic brakes will be a mandatory feature for all new passenger vehicles produced in Japan. Vehicular safety has been improving with the increased adoption of advanced safety technologies, such as advanced emergency braking systems (AEBS) and pedestrian detection and protection systems. These have led to an increase in overall vehicle safety, which is expected to promote an increase in demand for new vehicles.

The “Spacia’s” improved safety devices includes a new dual camera braking support, which detects pedestrians even at night, and adaptive cruise control*1. In addition, the “Spacia” series has enhanced advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), including improved recognition of road signs*2, such as stop signs. These features are supported by Hitachi Automotive Systems’ stereo camera with nighttime pedestrian detection. The stereo camera leverages Hitachi’s unique machine learning technology, making it possible to detect pedestrians with a high level of precision.

Furthermore, this “Spacia” is categorized as a “Support Car S Wide”*3 vehicle, which the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) are promoting for widespread use. The “Spacia” is also an MLIT “AEBS Certified Vehicle”*4. Hitachi Automotive Systems supports such safety support vehicles with advanced ADAS technologies, and will continue to contribute to the prevention of traffic accidents.

*1 Excludes vehicles without Suzuki Safety Support. This is a standard feature of the Spacia Custom and Spacia Gear. For the Spacia HYBRID X, this feature is a factory-installed option available as an upgrade package.

*2 Excludes vehicles without Suzuki Safety Support. Only available on vehicles with a camera package for omnidirectional monitor.

*3 A subdivision of the “Support Car S” category (vehicles that have a certain level of drive support functions, such as advanced safety technologies, such as advanced emergency (automatic) braking). “Support Car S Wide” are vehicles that have advanced emergency (automatic) braking (with respect to pedestrians), devices to control acceleration when the pedal is mistakenly applied, lane stray warning and advanced lights, and therefore, are especially recommended for elderly drivers.

*4 An MLIT vehicle certification for passenger vehicles that indicates the vehicle advanced emergency (automatic) brakes with respect to vehicles in motion or stopped vehicles have a certain level of performance.

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