Japan-based Cyborg Startup MELTIN Raises $17.7 Million, Accelerating the Development and Practical Application of its Cyborg Technologies

MELTIN MMI Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Masahiro Kasuya, hereinafter MELTIN), a company that is aiming for the practical use and application of cyborg technologies, announces that it has achieved a capital increase of $17.7 million through a third-party allocation of shares. Allottees include Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd. / SBI Investment Co., Ltd. / The Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company Ltd. MELTIN will use these funds to progress with its development of avatar robots and medical devices, thus accelerating the practical application of cyborg technologies.


The Financing will Lead to an Acceleration in the Development of a Practical Avatar Robot and Medical Devices

MELTIN has been developing medical devices, as well as a concept model of its avatar robot MELTANT-α that makes use of its core cyborg technologies. At the same time, it has also been performing proactive marketing activities.

As a result of these activities, the company was able to confirm the competitive advantage of its products. This advantage also approved the company’s ability to create an entirely new and significant market for its products. The proactive marketing activities led to MELTIN performing the current round of fund procurement, which will allow it to accelerate the development a practical version of its MELTANT avatar robot, which provides for full-scale remote operations in real-space, as well as the development of its medical devices.


Breaking Through Humanity’s Physical Limitations
Through MELTIN’s Cyborg Technologies.

MELTIN’s core cyborg technologies consist of bio-signal processing technology, which accurately analyzes human body movements and intentions, as well as robotic mechanism technology, which allows for these movements and intents to be accurately replicated in real-space. By promoting the development and practical use of products which use these technologies, MELTIN aims to advance the sophistication of cyborg technologies, thus realizing the creation of functional Brain Machine Interfaces *1 and artificial bodies *2.

In the final phase of its cyborg technology, MELTIN is aiming for merging of man and machine that will allow humans to operate machines and robots in the same way as their own body, without making any particular effort. The merging of man and machine concept will provide us with the freedom to select their bodies, allowing for the possibility of supplementation, expansion, and long-distance separation between humans and their bodies. Through increasing the practical usage and sophistication of cyborg technologies, MELTIN hopes to allow humans to transcend their physical forms, creating a world where everyone can live happily and freely.

*1 An interface that allows for the brain and nerves to connect to machines and computers

*2 Artificially created bodies that make use of robotic engineering and tissue engineering.

From Left: Mizuki Komasa (Auditor / Inaugurated as the new director), Shigeyuki Nishinaka (Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Executive officer and inaugurated as the new director of MELTIN)、Yuki Tazaki (CCO), Masahiro [Mark] KASUYA (CEO),  Takahiro Uchida (Director), Tatsuya Seki (CTO), Ryota Oike (CFO)


Comments from Investors

Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd.

Representative Director, President and CEO

Hiroshi Nomura

“Approving of MELTIN’s vision, we have decided to invest in MELTIN. We aim to deliver new value that benefits patients with MELTIN, leveraging our many years of knowledge in the pharmaceutical business.”


SBI Investment Co., Ltd.

Deputy General Manager, Corporate Venture Capital Dept. & Investment Dept.

Toshiro Kiyofuji

“We have high hopes that the bio-signal and robot technologies MELTIN is developing will lead to revolutions in both the industry and the lives of individuals through their application in medical devices and avatar robots. Mr. Kasuya and Mr. Seki both have high aspirations. Here at SBI we plan to provide them with our full support in their efforts to create new value.”


The Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Executive Officer, Chief General Manager, Investment

Yasuhiro Miyata

“Our company chose to invest in MELTIN as a form of impact investment. We hope to both acquire revenue from this investment and create a societal impact. With its medical equipment that makes use of cyborg technologies and its progress developing and spreading the use of avatar robots etc., we believe that MELTIN will be able to solve a variety of issues facing society.”


Overview of Investors

1. Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd.

Location of Head Office: 6-8, Doshomachi 2-chome,Chuo-ku,Osaka, Japan

Representative: Hiroshi Nomura, Representative Director, President and CEO

Founded: May 14, 1897

Business Lines: Manufacturing and sales of pharmaceuticals, food ingredients,

food additives, veterinary medicines, diagnostics and others


2. SBI Investment Co., Ltd.

Location of Head Office: 19F, Izumi Garden Tower, 1-6-1 Roppongi,

Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan

Representative: Katsuya Kawashima, Representative Director and President

Founded: June 7, 1996

Business Lines: The operation and management of venture capital funds etc.


3. The Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Location of Head Office: 1-13-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Japan

Representative: Seiji Inagaki, President and Representative Director

Founded: September 15, 1902

Business Lines: Life insurance aimed at the domestic market



We are a research and development startup that aims to enhance the functionality of cyborg technologies and the combination of cutting-edge bio-signal processing and robotics. This combination is with the aim of allowing humans to transcend our physical restriction and unleash our creativity for creating a world where we can live happily and freely.

Company Name: MELTIN MMI Co., Ltd.

Location: Loykrathong Yotsuya 3F, 1-18 Funamachi Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, Japan

Representative: Masahiro Kasuya

Founded: 19th July 2013

Capital Stock: $9.9 million

Business Lines: Cyborg business by using bio-signal and robot technology.

– R&D · Commercialization of medical and welfare equipment.

– R&D · Commercialization of avatar robot.

– R&D · Commercialization of empowering robots and devices.


Download: News Release(PDF/436KB)


Public Relations: Masahiro Kasuya