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WOEC Announces the Launch of its New Exclusive Wallet -New wallet registration will offer 1 free WOEC currency

SINGAPOREOct. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — WOEC PTE. LTD is a blockchain service created by people’s will and voluntary contributions. The company is proud to announce the issuing the new virtual currency of WOEC and the launch of an exclusive wallet for WOEC on October 10th, 2018. In celebration of the launch, 1 free WOEC currency will be offered upon the creation of a new wallet.

WOEC Wallet Creation Form:

Service Overview

WOEC was created as a “blockchain solution service created by people’s will and voluntary contributions.” Today’s society is too tied up with the interests of those in positions of power. Our vision is to eliminate these interests and offer our blockchain service for the realization of true freedom, equality, and fairness for human society. Regarding the services, specifications, and personnel needed for this vision, WOEC will set up projects, gather ideas from the people, and recruit volunteers to make those ideas a reality and give birth to new services. New WOEC currency will be issued as compensation for the idea contributors and volunteers. If not enough volunteers gather to a specific project, then it will be cancelled because it does not align with the people’s will.

WOEC Homepage:

Wallet Overview

WOEC is a cryptocurrency that utilizes blockchain technology. It makes all currencies and countries borderless and is non-anonymous to ensure safe and reliable transactions. To goal of WOEC Wallets to be used for the next generation of banking operations and payment services. The final goal of WOEC Wallets is to function as the world’s premier ID card, allowing users to manage their passports, licenses, resident cards, and other pieces of ID all at once. WOEC will work towards the day where users can send and receive money, pay bills, manage IDs, store rights, and travel abroad, just by carrying the WOEC Wallet.

Campaign Overview

WOEC is currently offering a present of 1 WOEC currency upon the creation of a new WOEC Wallet. The present of 1 WOEC will be automatically applied to your wallet.

Campaign Details

Period: 10:00 AMOctober 15, 2018 – March 31st, 2019 (subject to change).
Target: All users who open a new WOEC Wallet during the campaign period.
Present: 1 WOEC currency applied to the user’s WOEC Wallet.
How to Apply: Open a new wallet via the WOEC Wallet Creation form (The form takes 30 seconds to fill out).
(Wallet Creation Form:
Present Requirements: The present will be applied to the user’s wallet once WOEC have received and accepted the required documents from them.
(To prevent fraud, only one application per person is allowed.)

WOEC’s Vision: Realizing true freedom, equality, and fairness for human society as a blockchain solution company.


Company Name: WOEC PTE. LTD
Founded: June 19th, 2017

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