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The shell-style home that realizes future living: The “Movable Shell House” Concept Film released

A “Mobile-estate” service proposed by LIFULL HOME’S

The shell-style home that realizes future living: The “Movable Shell House” Concept Film released

-The idea for a more personalized and freer way of living using Mobile-estate-

LIFULL Co., Ltd. (Previously known as NEXT Co., Ltd. Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. President: Takashi Inoue. First Section on Tokyo Stock Exchange: 2120),provides real-estate and housing information services including information site “LIFULL HOME’S”, which is ranked No.1 for its total number of properties listed in Japan. Now, it has come up with a new way of living for the future, “Movable Shell House,” and has released its concept film.

Mobile-estate “Movable Shell House”



The shell-style “Movable Shell House” is designed to propose a more futuristic, liberal way of living, with its appearance based on shellfish which do not settle in a fixed location and choose wherever they want for living. By triggering innovation in lifestyle, people are given more choices in life. And this notion of “Mobile-estate” is the very base for the concept of this project. Moreover, this “Movable Shell House” was already implemented from July 1st to August 31st at our company’s “LIFULL HOME’S House by the Sea” in Yuigahama, Kanagawa Prefecture for people to rent.

In addition, during its production process of these homes, the company utilized a tip processing cutter “ShopBot,” which can cut wood, based on designs stored on a computer. This was done with the cooperation of VULID Design & Management that has proposes and implements the foundation for ways of living for the next generation.

To make this concept of “Mobile-estate” more widespread, “Movable Shell House” has released a concept film.


 About the “Movable Shell House”image3

This “Movable Shell House” can be taken freely, just like renting a sunshade. With it you can live where you want, when you want. For instance, spend time alone on a secluded (far off) beach or connect your home with those who share your passion. These movable estates can be taken anywhere in the world and lived in.



Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter / Film Director: Kohei Kawasaki

Architect: Hiroki Akiyoshi

Geometry Engineer: Taisuke Oshima Designer: Shinobu Tanaka

Film Director: Yasuyuki Kanazawa Cast: Tsubura


LIFULL Group follows the corporate message of “Make every LIFE FULL.” and hopes to fill people’s lifestyles with security and happiness by providing life-event database and solutions.


 ■About LIFULL Co., Ltd.

LIFULL Co., Ltd. (former company name: “NEXT Co., Ltd.”; TSE First Section: 2120) is a company that operates real estate and housing information services. It was established in 1997 based on an aspiration to change the real estate industry. Its main service is the operation of LIFULL HOME’S, a website providing real estate and housing information, which provides the industry’s most extensive library of property information in Japan. * LIFULL has been expanding its domains from its mainstay housing business, to peripheral areas including nursing care, interior, and insurance. The company has expanded LIFULL HOME’S overseas and is operating Trovit, one of the world’s largest aggregation sites. LIFULL has operations in 57 countries.

LIFULL Group’s corporate message is “Make every LIFE FULL.” LIFULL provides “LIFE solutions” that will offer security and pleasure to people around the world.

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*Based on the survey conducted by Sankei Medix (announced on January 26, 2017)