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Progate Expands to Southeast Asia backed by East Ventures

Japan’s largest online programming learning service goes global


Tokyo, Japan, 23 October 2017 Progate announced their global expansion of its online programming learning platform following funding from East Ventures and other investors.

Since its launch in September 2014, Progate has grown into one of the largest online programming learning platform in Japan with over 200,000 users.  Its newly released English version contains the main programming languages (HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Command Line, Ruby on Rails 5, Git) used for web design and system development.

As the world has been increasingly facing a tech skill shortage in every industry, STEM and computer science education has become the global trend.  Not only the United States where a number of tech giants were born but now a growing number of Asian countries are promoting science and technology education, introducing coding as part of the school curriculum.  At the same time, the lack of teaching resources is also a universal issue.

Masanori Kato, CEO of Progate, comments that “Progate is the best solution to this problem and will meet a worldwide demand for programming education.  It’s easy to learn by focusing on practical content.  I am very pleased to release our English service to help more beginners learn to code in a fun way.  For the moment we will focus on the Asian market such as India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, but will expand our business globally including the United States and Europe through further financing in the near future.”

【Screen image of “Progate” English version】



“Progate has been contributing to the Japanese startup industry by providing many users with its high-quality programming learning service,” commented Taiga Matsuyama, partner of East Ventures.  “I am very excited to see them expand their business into other Asian countries and eventually around the whole world.”

Yuzuru Honda, founder and Global CEO of FreakOut Holdings, inc. which is also a major sponsor of Progate stated, “As the importance of technology grows, it is the universal key to success in business that non-engineers in your company have basic knowledge of programming, which enables smooth communication with engineers. I expect that by the global expansion, Progate will help more people learn the basic knowledge of programming, and contribute to boosting business and creative society.”


【About “Progate”】

Progate is a web service where you can learn programming online.  We offer a fully equipped coding environment to get started.  Following the intuitive slides which enable users to easily grasp information, you can actually try coding on the browser step by step.  This innovative learning system has been helping many beginners to learn programming, and it now has over 200,000 users in Japan.


With slides, you can easily grasp the information from our descriptive images, and learn at your own pace.



We have prepared the whole coding environment for you on the browser, so you can test out what you’ve learned on the spot.


About Progate

Bringing creativity to everyone, everywhere.

Progate started when its founders were inspired to empower others via programming in July 2014. Progate’s vision is to bring creativity to everyone, everywhere by providing the best learning environment in which beginners can learn programming while having fun.

Masa Kato co-founded Progate in 2014 and was selected by Forbes JAPAN as one of the six entrepreneurs under 30. Progate is now one of the largest online programming learning services in Japan with over 200,000 individual users for self-study, in the classroom, and corporate in-house training.  Since 2016 we have been developing our English platform to service India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.



Masanori Kato, CEO of Progate


【Company Profile】

Company Name: Progate, Inc.

CEO: Masanori Kato




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