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Release of the Original Video “INORI -PRAYER-”! Using the World’s Fastest Projection Technology to Track AyaBambi’s Intense Performance

Creative Production TOKYO (Hereafter: TOKYO) released a video, “INORI-PRAYER” featuring world-famous dance duo AyaBambi.

TOKYO ( ) is a creative production agency based in Tokyo which works in all areas of the creative process, including planning, production, photography, CG, editing, and creative direction.Using the new high-speed projection technology developed by the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory of The University of Tokyo, they set out to create a new, high quality production to present to the world. Working together with the visual design studio WOW ( ), world renowned for their work with face mapping and CG, TOKYO has created their original work titled “INORI -PRAYER-,” which features the world-famous dance duo AyaBambi.

[youtube id=”j3J5qsyTMUY” width=”620″ height=”360″]

■ Overview of “INORI -PRAYER-”

This project was started when Nobumichi Asai (creative director of WOW) approached collaborators Eiji Tanigawa (film director of TOKYO), the dancing duo AyaBambi, and the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory at the University of Tokyo.Through this work, creators and researchers were given the chance to work together with their respective crafts to produce a new kind of high quality creation the likes of which the world has never seen.


■ Details of the New High-Speed Projector “DynaFlash”

DynaFlash (*1) is a new technology developed by the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory of The University of Tokyo.

This state-of-the-art projector allows for filming at 1000 fps (1000 frames filmed every second), making it one of the fastest in the world. Combined with high-speed sensing technology, 3D mapping technology with highly precise depth measurement, and ultra high-speed 2D tracking technology with a delay of 10ms or less, the team created a mapping system that was able to track a highly intense performance that would have been impossible otherwise (*2).

*1: Developed by The University of Tokyo’s Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory in collaboration with Tokyo Electron Device and made into a product by Tokyo Electron Device.

*2: Tracking and projection mapping for the dancers’ hands was performed by the dynamic projection mapping technology of The University of Tokyo’s Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory. Tracking for the dancers’ faces was performed by the face mapping technology developed by Visual Design Studio WOW Inc.




■ Still Images From “INORI -PRAYER-”



A state of the art 1000 fps projector, ultra high speed sensing technology, highly precise 3D mapping, and ultra high-speed 2D tracking made it possible to track this highly intense performance that would have been impossible otherwise. Through the collaboration of WOW, world renowned for expression through face mapping and CG, AyaBambi, a world famous dance unit who has danced for the likes of Madonna and other famous artists, and TOKYO, winner of a number of prestigious awards worldwide for video and commercial production using new technologies, the team was able to make the most of this high-speed projector’s potential and create an easily understandable, stylish production.


About the Creative Production Team TOKYO (

Creative production team based in Tokyo. Winner of a number of awards, including the Cannes Lions Film Gold Award, Clio Grand Award of the Clio Awards, ADFEST Grande Award, Japan Media Arts Festival Grand Prize, ACC Gold Award, as well as a number of advertising awards both domestically and abroad. They continue to create world class video productions based on this proven track record and wealth of experience. Main works include Intel’s “Museum of Me,” POLA’s “Call Her Name,” and Yahoo! Japan’s “Hands on Search.”


About WOW (

Visual design studio based in Tokyo, Sendai, and London. They are not held back by existing media or categories, and are involved in many aspects of design from a variety of video expression, including commercials and visual identity, to installation works for exhibition spaces and development of user interfaces in collaboration with manufacturers.


AyaBambi Profile(

Dance duo made up of choreographer Aya Sato and her dance partner dancer Bambi.

The duo is characterized by their sharp movements and perfectly symmetrical performances. They have received attention from the dance scene, as well as the art, music, and fashion scenes both domestically and abroad for their edgy looks and unique world view. They performed as the main dancers for Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour (across 23 countries) and Aya Sato performed the choreography for the tour as well. Aya Sato also works as a stylist and makeup artist using her fashion sense. Bambi also works as a photographer and video creator.


Press Contact

TOKYO: Mami Osawa


Tel: +81 (0)80-5932-1575


■ Staff Credit

Creative Director | Technical Director                             Director | Editor

Nobumichi Asai [WOW]                                                     Eiji Tanigawa [TOKYO]

CG Director                                                                            Director of Photography

Shingo Abe [WOW]                                                              Senzo Ueno [TOKYO]

Programmer                                                                           Producer

Atsushi Yoshimura [WOW]                                                Toshiyuki Takei , Shinya Masuda [TOKYO]

Assistant Producer                                                                Production Manager

Ayaka Motoyoshi [WOW]                                                   Minami Chiwaki , Yuma Yoshimura , Kohei Takayama


Choreographer                                                                      Making Director

Aya Sato                                                                                  Suzuko Ohgaki [TOKYO]


AyaBambi                                                                              Gaffer

Management                                                                         Tomohiro Takahashi

Oi-chan                                                                                  Light Assistant

Hisashi Morikawa , Mie Inaba , Akihiko Imai

Colorist                                                                                 Camera 1st Assistant

Yasuo Fukuda                                                                      Takashi Ideguchi

Online Editor                                                                      Camera 2nd Assistant

Ryota Abe                                                                            Hiromi Shibuya,  Ryosuke Fujii

PR                                                                                         Music

Mizuki Kawano [School]                                                  Setsu Fukushima , Ryosuke Taniguchi

Tomoyuki Sawada [Kartz Media Works]                     [Ongakushitsu Inc.]

Natsuki Taguchi [Kartz Media Works]

Music Composer

Yosuke Nagao


<Special Thanks>

Yoshihiro Watanabe【Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo】

Masatoshi Ishikawa【Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo】

Tomoaki Teshima [Exvision]



Takeshi Yuasa , Kiwamu Sumino , Hiroshi Watase , Toru Yamashita , Atsuko Kushima , Tomoaki Kiguchi