Sakata Denshi Ltd. Philippine Clearance Division Expansion Complete

Tokyo, Japan, September 15, 2013 — The Philippine Clearance Division now handles the majority of non-Japanese corporate and institutional clearances including Sakata Denshi Ltd.’s largest client transactions. Labor costs in the Philippines are far less than Japan, generating major savings that are passed on to the client.

Sakata Denshi Ltd. has already received very positive feedback from clients regarding the expansion. The local staff takes pride in processing orders of any size quickly and accurately. The company continues to guarantee that these transactions are completed with the same level of security and efficiency as those done by head office.

Sakata Denshi Ltd is an independent Stock Transfer Agent. The company has a wide array of experience in the securities industry and is your global business partner to provide you with a complete service package for your business. Sakata Denshi Ltd is committed to providing expert service to domestic and international companies, both public and non-public. The company website can be found at

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