Dino Direct says: Let’s Do Sports with Doraemon

HONG KONG, Sept. 16, 2013 – Japan has two big reasons to celebrate these days: the birthday of popular Japanese cartoon character “Doraemon,” and the International Olympic Committee’s selection of Tokyo as the host city of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Dino Direct has combined appreciation for the cartoon cat and sports by preparing a variety of goods for sports enthusiasts like bathing suits, swim caps and adjustable flippers for swimming, beautiful running shoes for comfortable exercise and multi-functional hula-hoops for enhancing fitness and workouts. We also offer outdoor sports articles so as to enable and encourage people to take happy walks with family and friends.

Dino Direct encourages our customer to have strong bodies. To get serious about working your upper body, chest and arms, a chest expander with four rubber springs is ideal. We recommend Dekus Home Exercise Equipment Adjustable Chest Expander Resistance Bands. The adjustable chest expander tensions allow users to adjust to several different levels. It is quick and simple way to get a great workout. Chest expanders are a compact and portable total-body exercise system that will help perform stretching and strengthening exercises safely and comfortably.

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