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World-famous Anime “Baki Hanma” and 1BLOCK Collaborate on Selling Virtual Sneakers!

1SEC (head-quartered in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, and in Los Angeles, USA, CEO: Hirokuni Miyaji) that runs a web3 creative studio 1BLOCK announces a collaboration with an action anime “Baki Hanma (distributed in 2021, the original comic contributed by Keisuke Itagaki).”

About the sales

The collaborated virtual sneakers express the main characters, their fighting scenes, and their famous scenes. All of the sneakers will be minted as an NFT, which means each one is one of a kind.


1)Item to be minted: 25 items

*All items are one of a kind

2)Sales Schedule

Early half of October, 2022

*Sales details are shared on 1BLOCK Discord server

1BLOCK Discord:

We also plan a free-entry event that everyone can join.


© Keisuke Itagaki(AKITASHOTEN)/Baki Hanma Film Partners

About Us

About Baki-Hanma

Baki Hanma is the 3rd series of the action comic series “BAKI (work by Keisuke Itagaki),” whose total number of accumulated publications exceeds more than 85 million. The story is based on the original story of “Baki Hanma” (comic), which is about the youngest world champion of the underground combat Grand Prix, Baki Hanma, challenges Yujiro Hanma, who is known as the strongest living. This turns out to be the fatal battle between a father and his son. In 2021, the 1st anime series was distributed, and the second season has already been in production.


The official site:

The 1st anime series is simultaneously released worldwide on Netflix.

About 1Block

1BLOCK is a web3 creative studio based in Tokyo and Los Angeles. Its total volume traded reached over 2,500 million yen(including both primary sales and secondary sales).


METADRIP is a smartphone app that allows users to try on /experien ce digital assets, including 3DCG-generated NFTs, in AR (Augmented Reality) through the camera. In the future, there will be a special fun ction added. This function allows, the holder of the assets, can try on and experience AR feature of the specific items which has been mint ed as an NFT. The number of these assets will also be updated const antly. METADRIP incubates mass-adoption among society, creators, and brands. It will be achieved with making the most of AR technologies, and infusing the new layer of practicality to digital asse ts.

App Store(iOS): ※iPhone-xs or later.

METADRIP website:

Company’s overview

Name: 1SEC Inc.

CEO: Hirokuni Miyaji

Locations:!USA”1541 Ocean Avenue , Santa monica CA, US 90401!Japan”6F STUMPS

IKEJIRI OHASHI, 1-6-13, Ohashi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 1530044

Established: January, 2019

Capital Fund: 277,460,000 JPY