2foods, a Japanese Plant-Based Food Brand Launched by TWO Inc., Received the Enterprise Award at VEGAN AWARDS 2022.

~Contributing to the creation of new food culture in Japan through plant-based foods~

~Contributing to the creation of new food culture in Japan through plant-based foods~

TWO Inc. is proud to announce that its plant-based food brand “2foods” has received the Enterprise Award at VEGAN AWARDS 2022, the most prestigious award in the vegan/plant-based foods industry in Japan.


“VEGAN AWARDS” is an award ceremony dedicated to honoring those in the vegan/plant-based foods industry. It has nominated 100 individuals, companies, and organizations in the industry and presented awards to ones with the most outstanding contribution to the development of Japanese veganism. Nominees are selected from a wide variety of fields, including medicine, academia/sciences, cooking, animal welfare, yoga, health, environment, beauty, media, and more.

<Reason for the Award>

2foods was recognized for its commitment to the creation of a new vegan lifestyle, targeting the younger generation to give it a more pop and trendy image and bring positive changes to the Japanese plant-based foods market as a whole.

■About the Plant-Based Foods Market in Japan

In the recent years, transformation of the food industry has become an increasingly important topic to improve not only our health but the future of our planet. To evolve into an ethical and sustainable industry, there has been some great progress being made around innovation in the food tech space, one such example being the development of plant-based foods (i.e. foods that do not contain animal products). The global plant-based foods market has grown significantly over the years and its market size is estimated to reach 18 trillion yen *1 by 2030.

The Japanese market has almost quadrupled in the last ten years on its own (it has grown 3.7 times the size since 2010 *2), driven mostly by the health benefits of eating low-fat, low-calorie foods. Today, more consumers are choosing to eat plant-based foods as a way of practicing ethical consumption.

*1: Bloomberg Intelligence

*2: TPC Marketing Research Corp.

■About 2foods

2foods is a plant-based food brand launched in April 2021 under the concept of “heathy junk foods.” It combines yummy flavors with clean ingredients that are healthy for our bodies to deliver products to satisfy the taste buds of our consumers.

Although plant-based foods have received considerable attention over the last years, as one of three basic human desires, “what we eat” must taste good in order for it to truly become part of our lives. 2foods’ goal is to reinvent the taste of junk food – the kind of experience that stimulates all of our five senses – and provide a menu that only uses plant-based ingredients and contribute to the spread of plant-based food culture.

Other than expanding its retail footprint, 2foods plans to pursue a business model based on two major pillars – development of new plant-based ingredients and development of advanced processed foods. They will be done in-house as well as through collaborations with various partners; as a food brand that creates a new culture in food sector, 2foods aims to build a strong foundation that will eventually grow the business into a global brand.


■Comment from Yoshikazu Azuma, Representative Director & CEO, TWO Inc.

We are truly delighted to have won the Enterprise Award at the prestigious VEGAN AWARDS. Since its inception in April of last year, 2foods has struggled but persevered through COVID-19 and all of the challenges the company has had to face. The fact that we were chosen to receive the award this year goes to prove that our hard work and dedication to our business over the last year is paying off, and we feel honored and humbled by the recognition.

2foods has taken a unique approach to bringing plant-based food culture to our consumers as an easy and familiar alternative option to conventional foods. We believe that it is our mission to contribute to solving the many issues around food that our society, the world, and the planet Earth will come to face in the future.

■About TWO Inc.

TWO is a well-being company that refuses to believe in a trade-off between healthy eating and happy living. TWO designs products and services overturn the existing tradeoff and are “truly satisfying,” so that they are good for our bodies, our hearts, and our communities.

≪Company Profile≫

Company Name: TWO Inc.

Headquarters: 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingu-mae 6-35-3 JUNCTION space

Line of Business: Planning, development, and sales of well-being products and services

Representative Director & CEO: Yoshikazu Azuma