New Season for Professional Esports League Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2020 Out Soon!

Japan’s premier fighting game league aims to further grow, backed by major corporate sponsors

Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) today announced that Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2020 (SFL: Pro-JP 2020, below), the new season for its premier esports league in Japan featuring its popular Street Fighter series, will begin streaming in late September.

Capcom has been working in various ways to grow esports, believing they have the potential to be the next generation of sports where—regardless of age, gender or physical differences—anyone can compete from anywhere in the world via the internet. Capcom has held the Capcom Pro Tour since 2014, in which qualifying events are held in more than 40 countries around the globe, leading up to the season-end finals at Capcom Cup where a world-champion is crowned. Further, starting in 2018 Capcom has run 3-on-3 format league matches both in Japan and overseas.

SFL: Pro-JP 2020 marks the third instance of this pro-tier league, and as with past seasons a total of six teams will compete for points in a round-robin, with the top three teams advancing to the Grand Final championship event. Matches will be streamed over the course of ten episodes, with the first episode streaming in late September on the Capcom Fighters JP channel via multiple platforms (YouTube, twitch, Mildom). Further, support for this league will be provided through sponsorships with: Kadokawa Corporation; Saishunkan System Co., Ltd.; Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd.; FCA Japan Ltd.; Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd.; Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.; Ponos Corp.; Seiko Watch Corporation; and Toshiba Visual Solutions Corporation.

Moreover, as a forerunner to this league Capcom will hold the SFL: Pro-JP 2020 Preseason Tournament starting August 8, at the conclusion of which Japan’s preeminent players will battle it out for a 3-million-yen prize pool. The tournament will be completely online, with the aim of leveraging the merit of being able to watch from anywhere to grow viewership while at the same time ensuring the safety of athletes and fans.

Capcom is committed to promoting industry development through building an environment where esports fans and competitors alike can enjoy the thrill of competition in the rapidly growing esports market.

[ Summary ]

1. Event Name:Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2020
2. Format:3-on-3 team battles
3. Featured Title:Street Fighter V: Champion Edition
4. Broadcast Media:Capcom Fighters JP channel (YouTube, twitch, Mildom)
5. Dates:Preseason Tournament

Stage 1- Open Preliminary: August 8 (Sat.), August 9 (Sun.)

Stage 2- SFL: Pro-JP 2020 Pro Invitational:

September 5 (Sat.), September 6 (Sun.)

Stage 3 – Final Tournament: September 21 (Mon., a holiday)

SFL: Pro-JP 2020

Episode 1: late September
Streamed weekly thereafter

Grand Final
This winter

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