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Pony Canyon to host an audition for a female singer to sing Yuki Kajiura’s theme song for “DEEMO THE MOVIE” – A month from the announcement of the Theatrical Anime Film project. A new project will additionally launch

PONY CANYON (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo / President: Takashi Yoshimura) announced that the Artist to sing the theme song for the currently in-production film “DEEMO THE MOVIE” (music/lyrics by Yuki Kajiura) will be decided through a public audition.

The audition will accept applicants from both Japan and abroad, and the winner will be guaranteed with a debut release of the Film’s theme song from Pony Canyon.

Applications to the audition can be submitted using the KARASTA app (mixi) in Japan, while over-seas applications can be made through YouTube and bilibili.

Additionally, fan (viewer) votes will be counted in addition to professional judge votes in deciding the qualifiers beyond the 2nd round of auditions.

Objective of the audition:

To discover a new talent with outstanding singing skills who would be suitable to sing the theme song for “DEEMO THE MOVIE”, an Anime Film that pursues high music qualities in accordance with the original story (world-renowned music game “DEEMO”).

Visit the “DEEMO THE MOVIE” official website for more details about the audition: 

Application Platform

  • Domestic (Japan) applications: KARASTA (YouTube & bilibili accepted as well)
  • International applications: YouTube, bilibili

How to Apply


-Download the KARASTA app and upload your performance of the assignment song.

*KARASTA can be downloaded at:

  • YouTube & bilibili

Upload your performance of the assignment song with the following 2 hashtags:

#deemo #deemomovie_utahime

Song to apply with

Assignment song: “inside a dream” (song featured in DEEMO THE MOVIE). Music/Lyrics by Yuki Kajiura. Song by Joelle.

  *The original song is performed in words coined by Yuki Kajiura, but applicants are free to change the lyrics. Humming is accepted as well. 

Conditions of application

1.  Must be female aged 13 or older.
2.  Must not be signed with and/or represented by any record label, management or agency/agent.
3.  Applicants under the age of 20 must be authorized by their parent/guardian before applying.
4.  Must be able to participate in screenings beyond the second round that will be held in Japan.
5.  Must understand and approve that photographs/videos will be taken beyond the 2nd round of auditions.
6.  The winner of the audition must base her activities in Japan and participate in the domestic entertainment industry.

January 1st – February 29th, 2020:
-Application period.

Early March 2020:
-1st round qualifiers (approx. 30 contestants) will be announced
-Assignment song for the 2nd round will be announced

March – June 2020
2nd round > 3rd round > Final round
On top of votes by professional judges Yuki Kajiura, Yasuhiro Mori (the film’s music producer), and Pony Canyon’s producers, public fan votes will be added, and the total score will determine the qualifiers for these rounds.

The grand winner of the audition will be announced on July 2020 at ANIME EXPO in L.A.

Details/updates will be posted on the official website:

  • About DEEMO, the game on which the movie is based

DEEMO is a SmartPhone rhythm game app that has had over 23 million downloads worldwide. DEEMO -Reborn-, both its downloadable and packaged software for PlayStation4, will be released on November 21.

DEEMO, a rhythm video game inspired by the musical instrument of piano, carries approximately 200 songs of a wide variety, from beautiful classical music to rock, jazz, and electronic. It offers innovative entertainment to the players who must tap the notes on the screen like playing the piano, and in addition to its collection of superlative music, the smoothness of gameplay is unrivaled by any other game app, which have captivated many music game fans in Asia and around the world.

  • Movie: Introduction

“Never left without saying goodbye”

Alone in a castle, a figure plays a piano… Deemo

One day, a girl with no memory falls from the sky.

A gentle story that will touch your heart

DEEMO: the rhythm game cherished around the world. NOW, adapted for animated film


Based on the original story “DEEMO” by Rayark Inc.

Screenplay: Junichi Fujisaku, Bun-o Fujisawa

Character design: Mebachi

Image board : Yoshitsugi Yoshida

Art: Hiromasa Ogura

Art settings: Taiyo Yoshida

Color design: Yumiko Katayama

CG animation director: Hiroshi Suzuki

Modeling supervisor: Shunsuke Imaizumi

Technical director: Kouichirou Tamura

3DCG production: Bros

Composting: Hisashi Ezura, Akira Saitoh

Editing by: Yoshinori Murakami

Sound director: Jin Aketagawa

Sound work: Magic Capsule

Theme song: Yuki Kajiura

Assistant director: Yoshihiro Hiramine

Director: Shuhei Matsushita

General director: Junichi Fujisaku

Production: SIGNAL.MD 

Produced by PONY CANYON, Production I.G


Pony Canyon has long been a leading supplier of animation across the world. We are involved in every stage of content creation – from the planning through the co-production and finally, its distribution. As fans ourselves, we are able to cultivate animation that comes to be loved by fans across the world – just a few include “Attack on Titan”,” Sound! Euphonium” and “Kengan Ashura”.

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©2020 Rayark Inc. /DEEMO THE MOVIE Production Committee

CONTACT: Pony Canyon US, Risako Takeo,, +81-3-6230-9710