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Nightlife in Hiroshima with a Local Twist: MagicalTrip launches its “Hiroshima Bar-Hopping Tour”

MagicalTrip has officially launched its “Hiroshima Bar Hopping Tour,” bringing the local bar scene to international tourists. MagicalTrip (operated by Libra Inc., CEO Yasuhiro Suzuki) already runs similar bar-hopping tours in the major tourist hubs of Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, which are among the most popular of the cultural experiences offered by the company.


Details of MagicalTrips “Hiroshima Bar Hopping Tour”

[Date/time] Every day, 19:00-22:00 (duration: 3 hours)


– Meet the guide at Hacchobori Station in Hiroshima, by the Gucci sign

– Visit a Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki restaurant off the beaten track. Okonomiyaki are savoury pancakes with noodles cooked on a hotplate, a Hiroshima specialty popular with locals and tourists alike. The restaurant offers beer, sake, and other drinks.

– Enjoy a chat with the owner who is passionate about his home town.

– With assistance from the guide and a MagicalTrip original bar-hopping map, plot the route for the rest of the night.


See details of Hiroshima bar hopping tour by MagicalTrip


Popular YouTube channel “TabiEats” sings praises for MagicalTrip’s Hiroshima Bar Hopping Tour 

TabiEats is a YouTube channel about Japanese food and culture with over 270,000 subscribers. MagicalTrip’s “Hiroshima Bar Hopping Tour” recently featured in one of its videos. Posted one month ago, the episode has received over 1,000 Likes from all over the world.

Watch TabiEat’s video here


About Libra Inc.

Libra Inc. is a travel contents provider, website management company and consultancy founded in 2013. Libra’s international and diverse team develop and operate the MagicalTrip tours.


About MagicalTrip

MagicalTrip is a Japanese tour operator owned by Libra Inc[JK4] . Launched in 2017, its goal is to make “cool” Japanese culture more accessible to international tourists by offering a variety of unique cultural experiences ranging from visits to sumo stables to Japanese foodie experiences that take place at local “in-the-know” restaurants. It is a rapidly growing business which has gained approximately 500 reviews in 12 months for its tours in the four major tourist centres of Japan.



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