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The First Vegan Tour in Japan: MagicalTrip launches “Vegan & Organic Food Tour” in Tokyo

MagicalTrip (Libra Inc., CEO Yasuhiro Suzuki) has launched a “Vegan & Organic Food Tour” in Tokyo for international tourists, the first of its kind in Japan. Although known for its healthy diet, Japan can be a difficult place for vegans. Libra Inc., a Japanese tourism start-up, with the aid of local guides, is out to make Japan an enjoyable place for everyone.


Details of “Vegan & Organic Food Tour” in Tokyo


[Dates/times] Mon thru Fri, 11:00-14:00 (duration 3 hours)



– Meet the guide at Shimokitazawa station, west of Shibuya

– Visit a traditional Japanese home now renovated into a café serving a delicious lunch platter of organic vegetables.

– Enjoy a stroll in Shimokitazawa, a neighbourhood with a bohemian vibe.

– The next stop is a ramen noodles restaurant using vegetarian ingredients – a rare find as most ramen use non-vegetarian stock.

– And wind down at a Japanese café popular with locals and sample some Japanese wagashi sweets.


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“Like hanging out with a friend”, says popular Aussie YouTuber 


Hannah is a YouTuber sharing her cultural insights and travel tips as a foreigner living in Japan, who has gained over 100,000 followers in less than two years. She recently took part in MagicalTrip’s “Vegan & Organic Food Tour” and shared her experience on her channel “Currently Hannah”. The video was posted on 18 January 2019 and accumulated over 50,000 views and 1,600 Likes before the month was out. Watch Hannah take in the Shimkokitazawa vibes and tuck into some Japanese vegan food!


“The side of Tokyo most people don’t see” / Currently Hannah


About Libra Inc.

Libra Inc. is a travel contents provider, website management company and consultancy founded in 2013. Libra’s international and diverse team develop and operate the MagicalTrip tours.


About MagicalTrip

MagicalTrip is a Japanese tour operator owned by Libra Inc[JK4] . Launched in 2017, its goal is to make “cool” Japanese culture more accessible to international tourists by offering a variety of unique cultural experiences ranging from visits to sumo stables to Japanese foodie experiences that take place at local “in-the-know” restaurants. It is a rapidly growing business which has gained approximately 500 reviews in 12 months for its tours in the four major tourist centres of Japan.



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