Magic Scroll Tactics Unfurls onto Nintendo Switch Consoles Worldwide Today

Mediascape Co. Ltd. announces the release of Magic Scroll Tactics by developer Otori Denshi on the Nintendo Switch eShop today in North America, Europe, and other select countries.


Magic Scroll Tactics is a unique side-scrolling tactical fantasy RPG. The traditional elements of skills, spells, and strategies are given a new spin with the added importance of elevation. The advantage that comes with the high ground can make it possible to overcome the strongest foes. The Switch version includes support for all the console’s TV, tabletop, and handheld modes and also adds touch controls in handheld mode.

Key Features:

– Elevation-focused battles and a fresh perspective on strategy

– A variety of classes and jobs each with their own skill trees

– Customizable characters that can be rebuilt at will

– No penalty for retrying or losing

– Several control styles


The Nintendo Switch eShop release of Magic Scroll Tactics is available for 11.99 USD / 9.99 EUR / 8.99 GBP / 15.00 AUD.

Presskit available here:

About Mediascape Co. Ltd:

Located in Taito Ward of Tokyo, Japan, its PlayDoujin project was created with the goal of bringing PC games by local independent developers to game consoles.

About Otori Denshi:

Website (Japanese):

Magic Scroll Tactics Website (Japanese):