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Using the power of sound for innovative marketing by hijacking every cooking oil sound and turning it into discount coupons -Introduction of “Oil Hijack” campaign in China

Beijing Dentsu Advertising Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Beijing City, People’s Republic of China, Representative: Akimasa Baba), an advertising firm, introduced a representative case study of excellent cost-effectiveness in FY 2018.

Case : Pinduoduo (EC site)

“Oil Hijack”, an app that turns cooking oil sounds into discount coupons


Pinduoduo – one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China – launched an alternative marketing campaign that combined technology with cooking oil sounds. In order to increase their brand awareness and increase online sales of cooking oil, they launched an app that was able to listen out for cooking oil sounds and dispense discount coupons for consumers.

Their inspiration was based on the key insight that cooking oil sounds could be seen and heard everywhere in China. So instead of embarking on the traditional advertising campaign, Pinduoduo and Beijing Dentsu decided to take on an alternative way to market by harnessing the power of sound to create an innovative marketing campaign.

They developed Oil Hijack, an app that hijacks cooking oil sounds from everywhere – TV commercials, TV shows, cooking shows, even in restaurants and on-ground street food vendors – and used it to promote their campaign. Every time a cooking oil sound is heard, the app distributes discount vouchers that can then be used on Pinduoduo to purchase cooking oil. The app detects cooking oil sounds in real time, and even works in the background.

Oil Hijack is a small step towards a major trend in the future, as it utilizes an untapped source of data and integrates it with sound recognition technology. This is an inspiring demonstration of innovative marketing that opens up to more marketing opportunities.

“OIL HIJACK” Campaign Introduction VDO

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