h.a.n.d., Inc.’s First Self-Published Title! “Gabbuchi” will make its debut on Switch! Available for Pre-Purchase and Download January 24th, 2019!


On January 24th, 2019, h.a.n.d., Inc. (Headquarters: Sapporo, Japan, President and Representative Director:Teruaki Matoba) will release “Gabbuchi” worldwide (for pre-purchase and download) for the Nintendo Switch™. “Gabbuchi” is a stage-based 2D Action Puzzle Game where you control a curious creature called Gabbuchi. The goal in each stage is to gobble his favorite food, the heart cookie.


Description and Download URL For Gabbuchi:
h.a.n.d., Inc.’s First Self-Published Title
As a game developer who has been engaged in game development on a plethora of titles over the span of 20+ years, “Gabbuchi” – our first self-published IP -will release in 38 countries across the globe in 14 different languages.

  “Gabbuchi” Key Points
1.Action Puzzle Game that challenges your Creativity
2.180 Hand-Crafted Stages
3.Includes Level Editor to create your own original levels

– Title:Gabbuchi
– Genre:2D Action Puzzle Game
– Available for Pre-Order:January 24, 2019 to January 30, 2019
– Official Release Date:January 31, 2019
Price: US$7.99
– Compatible Platforms:Nintendo Switch™
– # of Players:1
– Supported Languages(Text Only):Japanese、English、French、French(Canada)、Italian、Spanish、Spanish(Latin American)、German、Dutch、Portuguese, Chinese (Traditionl)、Chinese (Simplified)、Russian、Korean


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About h.a.n.d., Inc.
Representative:Teruaki Matoba
Established:February 26, 1993
Business Description:Game Software Design, Planning, Development, Contractment

Contact For Questions Regarding This Release
Support Contact:Takahiro Suzuki