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“Timeless Ryokan Tour” is Now Available, Offer Traditional Cultural Experience at Ryokan in Tokyo

The Japan Ryokan and Hotel Association Tokyo Branch has launched the “Timeless Ryokan Tour,” a special tour that invites tourists to stay at Ryokan in Tokyo and enjoy both traditional culture and local experiences. Reservations are available on the travel tour booking platform, Voyagin starting January 2019.

Andon Ryokan Overnight Stay with Adachi Fish Market Tour
Stay at the Andon Ryokan, a designer ryokan located in Minowa, a local neighborhood in central Tokyo. The next morning, go to the Fish Market, where the sensational “Tuna cutting show” happens and get a taste of the local spirit. Don’t forget to try the fresh sashimi, and browse various shops and restaurants!

Komatsu Ryokan Stay with Sumo Show or Aizome Fabric Dyeing Tour
There are two options for this tour. Either to watch a real sumo performance and interact with the sumo wrestlers while eating “Chanko hot pot”, or try out the aizome (indigo dying) workshop and take home your very own handmade Indigo souvenir! At night, relax at a modern-style ryokan called Komatsu ryokan.

Walking, Eating, Staying at Ryokan Sawanoya, and Being Inspired by Local Yanaka Favorites Tour
Stay at Sawanoya ryokan, a very popular ryokan that was granted several Trip Advisor awards. Go to many local places with nostalgic atmospheres in Yanaka. All of the places and activities were highly recommended by the owner of Sawanoya ryokan and local people!

Tokyo is steadily changing as we approach 2020. As the city undergoes these revolutionary changes, you can find comfort in knowing that there is still a traditional cultural experience to be had at a ryokan. In order to transmit the wonders of this culture overseas, the Japan Ryokan and Hotel Association Tokyo Branch launched their “Timeless Ryokan Tour” last year.
Their focus this year is on the “experience,” and they have put together special tours that you can enjoy during your ryokan stay.
These tours, planned out with the help of ryokan owners and local experts, allow you to get a taste of Tokyo that true locals cherish.
The cityscape of Tokyo changes daily as the clock ticks down to 2020, which means that telling the rest of the world about our wonderful ancient ryokans is vital for the preservation of our traditional culture.
The city of Tokyo, its people, and its ryokans join together for this project and its goal of transmitting the appeal of ryokans across the globe.
On the “Timeless Ryokan in Tokyo” project website, you can see exactly what Tokyo’s ryokans are like, and what experiences are offered there. There are also ryokan reviews by foreign tourists and information on each ryokan.
Last year, The Japan Ryokan and Hotel Association Tokyo Branch released a video showcasing the lifestyle, beauty, culture, harmony, and refinement of the Japanese people in “Style” format. 
You can have a glimpse at the Tokyo experience and the wonders of ryokans and hotels from a unique viewpoint on Instagram. 

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