Popular crypto blogger Hayato Ikeda becomes ICO “ASOBI COIN” advisor

ASOBIMO, Inc. announces a new advisor for ASOBI COIN, crypto blogger Hayato Ikeda.

Hayato Ikeda, the editor-in-chief for “You still don’t have cryptocurrency?” (Original name:まだ仮想通貨持ってないの?/ Mada kasoutsuuka mottenai no?), a blog with millions of readers, is to become an advisor for ASOBI COIN.

ASOBIMO, Inc. is currently developing a Distributed Secondary Content platform ASOBI MARKET, where you will be able to use ASOBI COIN. You can also purchase credits in ASOBIMO games, where 1 ASOBI COIN is equivalent to 100 JPY ($1).

ASOBI COIN Official Website:

■ Hayato Ikeda’s profile


Born in 1986. Editor-in-chief for “You still don’t have cryptocurrency?” (Original name:まだ仮想通貨持ってないの?/Mada kasoutsuuka mottenai no?)

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ASOBI MARKET is Distributed Secondary Content Platform, developed by ASOBIMO, Inc. (International patent currently pending: PCT/JP2018/16657). You can sell digital content such as game items, software, e-books, music, videos and e-tickets with other users, or exchange digital content to ASOBI COIN at ASOBI MARKET.

These days we need to struggle the problem of pirate sites ignoring copyrights. However, the blockchain will provide irrefutable proof of ownership with “Decentralized Security System” (DSS). It will also bring back profits to publishers.

You can use ASOBI COIN to purchase credits in ASOBIMO games where 1 ASOBI COIN is equivalent to 100JPY ($1).

ASOBI COIN Official Website:

■Company Outline

ASOBIMO, Inc. is a game maker company, that primarily specializes in 3D MMORPG games for smartphones and provides services globally, mainly in Japan and other Asian countries. Titles include Iruna Online, service started for feature type phone in 2007, as well as Avabel Online and Toram Online for smartphones.

Company Name:              ASOBIMO,Inc.

Location:                         3-1-2 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0014, JAPAN

President:                        Kondo Katsunori

Description of business:Online game development


■Contact information
ASOBIMO, Inc. New Business Development Team, Masaya Murai
TEL: +81-3-5927-9350
FAX: +81-3-5927-9353