Hunel establishes “Virtual Currency BPO Center,” an operational support service for virtual currency exchanges

Hunel Solution Co., Ltd., a provider of operational support services to business, (Head Office: Shinjuku ward, Tokyo, Representative Director: Akio Kimura, henceforth Hunel Solution) has established “Virtual Currency BPO Center,” which will provide support in opening accounts on virtual currency exchanges in Japan and abroad, as well as undertaking operational support services for responding to customer inquiries.

Since the arrival of Bitcoin in January 2009, a huge number of virtual currencies have been set up, with over 1300 varieties currently in existence and a total market cap of over 700 billion dollars. Because Japan has seen a rapid increase in people wishing to set up accounts, the current situation is one in which the process from applying to an exchange to completing registration takes quite some time. Additionally, on exchanges located overseas, the lack of Japanese language support means that they often cannot respond to account applications and inquiries from Japanese users.

Hunel Solution provides operational support services (administrative procedures when opening accounts, directions on how to use the relevant apps) for companies running virtual currency exchanges in Japan and abroad, using both Japanese and English.

Hunel Solution’s parent company, Hunel Co., Ltd., as a provider of integrated financial services, offers operational support services specialized for the financial and insurance industries. By spinning off its BPO business into the operating company Hunel Solution Co., Ltd., it will be able to provide more specialized services to a greater number of companies and clients. [1]


[1] BPO (business process outsourcing) refers to companies or other bodies entrusting operational processes to specialized service providers. Unlike traditional outsourcing, with BPO service, all stages from redesigning operational processes to running and optimizing the operations themselves are undertaken on one-stop basis.

Company Profile

Company name: Hunel Solution Co., Ltd.

Established: November 2017

Location: 4th Floor, Shinjuku Kokusai Building, Nishi Shinjuku 6-6-3, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo

Representative: Representative Director and President  Akio Kimura

Business Activities: Operational support services, business optimization consulting,
human resource services


For materials or further inquiries

Contact: Kimura
TEL: 03-4530-4172
FAX: 03-4530-4130