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By Using The World’s First Memory and Scent Matching Technology One Flowershop Brand Hopes to Revitalize The Slumping Flower Market – Challenge to Create New Flower Gift “Fragrant Memories : Flower Gift Project”

– Send a flower bouquet with the scent of your memory

“Les mille feuilles de liberte” florists, located in 19 areas in the hot spots of Tokyo including Roppongi, held an event ”Fragrant Memories : Flower Gift Project” at Marunouchi shop in Tokyo from November 17th to 22nd. This event allowed for the matching of the scents of flowers to the scent of memories.

Challenging and Creating A New Idea Around Flowers For Gifting

Scent sensors will be developed for the project after the acquisition of funds via crowdfunding, which will be able to acquire detailed scent data, to match the scent of memories and flowers to provide a bouquet of flowers with the same scent. For example, for Japanese people, the scent of natto (fermented soybeans) increases your appetite, although is only a bad scent for people of other cultures. Whether people feel comfortable with a certain scent is strongly related to their past experiences which are recalled from the scent, rather than the strength of the scent itself.

However, scent measuring devices in the past measure simply the strength and weaknesses of the scents and was not possible to judge whether the scent was ”pleasant” according to their memory. Thus, this project is also an important attempt in such academic meaning.

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The Method of Matching Memory and Scent

The device will extract digitized data, by analyzing scents from memories. Furthermore, the data of the scents will be extracted by the scenery within the photos of the memories such as indoor/outdoor, by the water, in nature, in the city, and etc.

With the combined data, a flower that has the most similar sent will be matched, based on the accumulated data within the program inside the box. By doing so, a unique bouquet of flowers with a special memory behind it will be gifted.

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Event Report

Shop Exterior

Shop Interior

Matching Result:Marriage

”Marriage Ring” + “Memorial Photo of us” = Rose YvesPiaget

Matching Result:Gift from wife

“Watch presented from wife” + “Photo of sofa sitting together”=Freesia

Matching Result:Precious Daily Life

“Handkerchief presented from wife” and “My home photo” =Carnation Apple Tea

Matching Result:Our Memorial Trip

“Souvenir” and “Travel photo”=Rose Intrigue

“iinioi AI” is Implemented from Fragrance Specialized AI “Fragrance2Vec”

AI language processing has been dramatically developed by Word2Vec that interprets words to vector.  In this project, “Fragrance2Vec”, which interprets scent to vector, is newly invented.  Centered around “Fragrance2Vec”, the two AIs, “Fragrance AI” and “Language AI” that are said to be difficult to collaborate, had succeeded to organize.

This enables to bring scent, the substance that do not have a relative rating, closer to the sense of smell linked to people’s past experiences.


The Research Paper “Fragrance2Vec” is Adopted At IEEE

The paper featuring the theme “Research of recommend system from machine learning of scent data” including “Fragrance2Vec “ was contributed  at “IEEE BDTL2017(Big Data Transfer Learning” in Boston, US, starting from this coming December. The paper has been adopted and will be presented at IEEE.

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