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Japan Content Showcase 2017 to be Held at the Heart of Tokyo

Japan Content Showcase 2017 to be Held at the Heart of Tokyo


Tokyo- October 3rd,2017– Japan Content Showcase 2017 will be held from Monday, October 23rd, 2017 to Thursday October 26th,2017 at Ikebukuro/ Shibuya. The event is a combination of TIMM, TIFFCOM and TIAF. This year, the event will focus on “IP”(Intellectual Property), as IP related seminars and events are held, along with a space for IP related business.

The TIFFCOM/TIAF film, television and animation market will be held in the anime friendly- Ikebukuro as the town caters and supports the efforts for an international district of arts and culture. The TIMM music market venue will be held in Shibuya, known as a hotbed of Japanese culture and a music-loving area.

Working with a broad spectrum of leading content industry organizations to devise and create distinctive business matching opportunities

Upcoming JCS seminar making headlines with talks from numerous key content industry leaders. The JCS Seminar has always been highly regarded for its hot topics and notable guest speakers. The organization has another worthwhile event planned with attention-grabbing leaders from multiple industries set to take the stage. Keynote speakers are introduced below.

  • Paolo Del Brocco:

CEO of the Italian production company Rai Cinema, Del Brocco is the head of the filmmaking department and has been involved in numerous collaborative international film projects in Europe. He will speak about the reasons behind Asia’s current popularity in the film industry and his company’s strategy for the region.

  • Craig Kyle:

Film development supervisor for all of Marvel Studios, US. Kyle took charge of production for all three films in the Mighty Thor series. He currently working on a live-action drama version of the Japanese manga Ga-Rei. In his seminar titled, “Finally it is started ! Its possibility of Japanese contents in the time of SVOD.”

  • Kunihiko Murai:

A legendary Japanese songwriter, producer Kunihiko Murai will make keynote speech under title of「My life in Music in the US and Japan」. Celebrating his 50th anniversary of his music career as a songwriter, Murai has written many evergreen hits such as “Tsubasa o Kudasai”. He is also a pioneer in bringing Japanese music international, known as the founder of “Alfa Records” and one of the key people behind the global success of Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) from the label. In this keynote, looking back in his global music career of 25 years in Japan and 25 years in LA in the United States, he will talk about his thoughts on Japanese music in the global market and will give fruitful advice on how to make your music successful globally.

Other Seminars:

This year, JCS will be holding numerous seminars that focus on the topics of intellectual property and China. Satoshi Shinohara, executive director at the Toei Company, will talk about his company’s overseas strategy for Japan’s special-effects intellectual property business, along with seminars on “the significance of the “Anime Pilgrimage” project now in progress” and “Broadcasting content in strategic intellectual property–Chapter 2″—educational content that expands the number of Japan fans” which will also join the lineup.

JCS will also include seminars titled “Trends in China’s Anime Comic Game Novel (ACGN) market” and “Case studies of rolling out Japan-made intellectual property in China”. There will be a full range of China-related seminars at the TIMM venue in Shibuya as well, including one titled “Chinese copyrights and the status/potential for concert business.”

While last year’s JCS event received stellar reviews for its combined TIMM/TIFFCOM/TIAF seminars that touched on topics in the music, film, TV, and anime genres and across a broad range of formats, this year the JCS will bring in the two directors of the Japan 2.5-Dimensional Musical Association to give a talk titled “A world-class musical made in Japan: The potential of 2.5-dimensional musicals”.


About Japan Content Showcase: “Japan Content Showcase 2017” (JCS2017) is the 6th joint international film, music and animation market since 2012. It is organized by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture (PROMIC), UNIJAPAN, The Association of Japanese Animations (AJA).



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