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Japan’s leading font foundry, Morisawa is launching TypeSquare, a platform and cloud service for digital fonts, in the U.S.

Morisawa USA Inc. (CEO: Takeshi Morisawa. San Francisco, CA) would like to announce the launch of TypeSquare, a platform for desktop fonts and web fonts, in the U.S. on October 5.

TypeSquare will provide two services — an annual subscription desktop font service, and a web font library. Users must register and select the services they require, as this is a subscription-based membership service.


<Outline of service>

  • Desktop fonts (annual subscription): Approximately 500 of our Morisawa fonts are available on an annual subscription basis. In addition to our main font “Pack” such as the “Shin Go Family”, recognized widely around the world, we also provide “Pick ‘N’ Choose” products that allow users to select up to 10 fonts for purchase.
  • Web fonts (annual subscription): Approximately 1,000 fonts, including Morisawa fonts and partner fonts, are available for use. The service is an annual subscription service, with different plans available based on number of pageviews, number of fonts, and number of domains.


<President Takeshi Morisawa’s comment>

I am very pleased that Morisawa will now be able to offer desktop & Web fonts to the U.S. market through TypeSquare. In response to the diversification of the creative environment over these past several years as well as demand from multinational corporations and businesses focused on the Asian market, the environments in which our fonts are used are greatly changing and so are the products we offer. We took the 2015 provision of Morisawa fonts to Adobe Typekit as an opportunity to build an environment where Morisawa could now offer its fonts on its own, under the Morisawa name. This opportunity is part of a larger strategy of offering a more efficient user environment for our fonts and, I feel, a first step toward responding to the segmentation and diversification of media. I also believe that this is an invaluable opportunity to raise awareness of Morisawa group typefaces among those responsible for creating a wide variety of media – not only print media, but web, mobile apps, integrated software, and more.”

<Service details and pricing>

TypeSquare/Desktop fonts

1: Pack (annual subscription)

Basic 7                                        $160

Gothic MB101 Family Pack           $440

Ryumin Family Pack                     $500

Shin Go Family Pack                     $500

Universal Design CJK Pack            $940

2: Pick ‘N’ Choose (annual subscription)

1 font                  $70-

2 fonts                $140-

3 fonts                $210-

4 fonts                $280-

5 fonts                $350-

6 fonts                $420-

7 fonts                $490-

8 fonts                $560-

9 fonts                $630-

10 fonts              $700-

See details at


TypeSquare/Web fonts


1: Standard plans (annual subscription)

Standard Plans                         Free                     Standard                          Standard Pro

Yearly Contract                              –                       $ 240 / Year                     $ 480 / Year

Basic PV of Yearly Contract        – *            3,000,000 PV / Year              12,000,000 PV /Year

Number of available font(s)        1                            3                                         All fonts

Number of available domain        1                           2                                         5

TypeSquare API                          –                           –                                         Available


* In the standard free plan, up to 10,000 PV fonts can be distributed each month.

When the number of fonts reaches the limit, no more fonts are distributed until the next month.

2: Advanced plans


Contact us for advanced plans capable of exceeding 12 million PV / year, or if the above plans are otherwise unsuitable for your use.


See details at



<About Morisawa>

Since its establishment in 1924, the year it invented the phototypesetting machine, Morisawa Inc. has never wavered from its commitment to undertaking leading-edge research and development in the field of typography. Today the company is involved in development and marketing of typesetting software; development and supply of digital typefaces; sales of Morisawa Document Solution, automatic typesetting, and cloud font services; and sales and support of input and output editing devices and on-demand printers. For more information, please visit



<About TypeBank>

TypeBank Co., Ltd., founded in 1975, is in the business of designing and supplying fonts. Its products include bitmap fonts, outline fonts for the printing industry and digital devices, custom-made corporate fonts and universal design fonts developed and refined in collaboration with academic research. The company joined the Morisawa Group in 2010, and since then has been developing new fonts based on Morisawa technology. In 2012, it strengthened its portfolio further by acquiring the rights to Ryobi fonts.



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