OMRON to Release Hex-Shaped Fiber Unit Build-In Lens Series (*1), Realizes Easy Installation and Stable Detection

KYOTO, Japan, October 28, 2013  — OMRON Corporation (TSE: 6645, ADR: OMRNY) announced on October 28 that it will release the following new products on November 1.

– Hex-shaped fiber unit build-in lens series E32-LT11N/E32-LD11N

These new standard fiber units allow for more stable detection by incorporating the lens units, in addition to easy and reliable installation with the hexagonal shape.

At manufacturing sites, factors that hinder the stable detection capabilities of fiber sensors include accumulation of dust particles on the lenses, which interrupts light, and damage to the fiber cables that was caused by something being tangled in the cables as well as stress on the cables. Fiber units can accidentally be damaged, for example, on sites where the operators’ knowledge about the characteristics of optic fiber cables varies. We have a significant number of requests for reliable fiber units, especially from customers who want to expand their presence around the world.

This new fiber unit integrates a lens with the aperture angle of 15 degrees. It helps greatly increase the incident light level even if the emission light level is the same as before, and it realizes stable detection in dusty environments. The build-in lens fiber units are available with a versatile M4 through-beam model and an M6 diffuse-reflective model. These new models do not require the measures to be taken when a lens falls off or is missing due to vibrations, or the torque management when mounting a lens that often occurred on conventional models with external lens attachment, and thus they can contribute to the great reduction of the maintenance workload on site. Moreover, we adopt the hex-shape design for the unit, which enables you to connect cables neatly, and it reduces the risk of cable damage caused by something being entangled in the cables. Anyone can install sensors at ease.

We are planning an expansion of product lineup that fits customers’ needs including a retro-reflective model of hex-shaped fiber unit build-in lens series which is ideal for detection of transparent objects in the future.

(*1) A fiber unit is a sensing part of a fiber sensor. The fiber sensor consists of a fiber unit and a fiber amplifier unit.

Main Specifications
Type: Standard
E32-LT11N 2M E32-LD11N 2M
Build-in lens, Through-beam model Build-in lens, Reflective model
Size: M4 M6
Bending radius of cable: Flexible R2 Flexible R2
Aperture angle: 15 degrees 15 degrees
Sensing distance*1, *2
SHS: 920 mm 100 mm
HS: 3,450 mm 360 mm
STD: 4,000 mm*3 520 mm
GIGA: 4,000 mm*3 1,260 mm
Minimum sensing object*1: 0.03 mm dia. 0.03 mm dia.
Ambient temperature range: -40 to 70 degrees Celsius -40 to 70 degrees Celsius

*1. When Smart Fiber Amplifier Unit E3NX-FA is used

*2. The sensing distances of E32-LD11N 2M are for gloss white paper.

*3. The fiber length is 2m on each side, so the sensing distance is given as 4,000 mm.


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