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Japan and Denmark/Germany are the hosts of the 2019 World Championships

October 28th, 2013 – Japan will be the host of the Women’s World Championship in 2019. The Council of the International Handball Federation decided in their meeting after the Congress in Doha that the application from the Kumamoto region will be entrusted the organization of the World Championship. Additionally the Japanese Organizing Committee will have a venue in Tokyo in order prepare for the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo.  Kumamoto has had a lot of experience with handball tournaments. In 1997 Kumamoto hosted the Men’s World Championships.

Denmark and Germany were awarded the Men’s World Championship in 2019. With a beautiful and attractive presentation from both European countries together the candidates convinced the Council members. For the Danish Handball Association it is the second time after 1978, the German Handball Federation hosted the best handball players of all over the world in 2007. Bernhard Bauer, the new president of the German Handball Federation, was proud of the awarding:  “I am deeply moved and impressed about the trust and I am proud to organize together with Denmark the Men’s World Championship”, and Per Bertelssen for the Danish side added: “We have given our best in only three weeks of preparation time. We have worked hard and made a good presentation. Now I’m deeply moved.”

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