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AVC host special consultation meeting in Beijing…

Beijing, China, September 6, 2013 – A special Asian Volleyball Confederation consultation meeting was held in Beijing on September 5 to review the development of the sport in Asia and discuss the future development of volleyball in the confederation, notably in category 1 and 2 national federations.

This is the fourth meeting of the kind this year following meetings in January, February and May.


AVC President Dr. Saleh Bin Nasser and AVC Honorary President Mr. Wei Jizhong led the meeting and were joined by the First Executive Vice-President Essa Hamza, Zonal Executive Vice-President Shanrit Wongprasert, AVC Executive Director Mr. Liu Jun and five top officials from Japanese Volleyball Association, including JVA President Dr. Yuichiro Hamu, Mr. Masao Tachiki, and Mr. Atsushi Katoh.

The meeting heard a report from Mr. Essa Hamza about his meeting with FIVB President Dr. Ary Graca on July 27.


“The FIVB President was very happy with the activity report AVC sent him. He said that there had been a numerous changes in the AVC and AVC has been moving from better to good and is improving daily as compared with the past performance of AVC,” Mr. Essa said.


“He also said that there has been improvement in AVC management and there has been development in volleyball and beach volleyball especially in category 1 and 2 national federations. The FIVB President suggested spending at least $700,000 from the 2013 AVC budget and the same amount for 2014. The FIVB will refund this amount to AVC on time.

“The FIVB President is keeping in mind the situation in Oceania and has asked AVC to complete the AVC plan to support the Oceania National Federations with the new strategic plan through the AVC marketing and development office in Japan and the Australia Volleyball Federation.”

Mr. Essa Hamza informed the meeting that he also had a meeting with the Australia Volleyball Federation (AVF) President Mr. Craig Carracher on August 7.


The AVC First Executive Vice-President noted that “AVC is to provide funding of US$250.000 per annum for a period of four years and AVC is to fund development in Oceania through the AVF subject to approval of funding from the Australian Government. Oceania is to be split into two groups with each group to be the subject of this development funding for two years with AVF to be the coordinator.”

JVA President Dr. Yuichiro Hamu made a working report from the AVC Office in Tokyo. He told the meeting that the Tokyo Office in cooperation with JVA has donated thousands of used balls to category 1 and 2 national federations and develop human resources for volleyball, mainly coaches and instructors.

He stressed that the goal is to help category 1 and 2 national federations to improve step by step. “We cannot take care of all of them at the same time.’

The meeting decided that Mr. Atsushi Katoh will only be responsible for the development program and former JVA President Mr. Masao Tachiki is to take care of marketing matters as he has rich experience in this field and has wide connections in Japan.

Both Dr. Bin Nasser and Mr. Essa Hamza stressed that the AVC Tokyo office is part of the AVC and will inform the AVC headquarters about all information and communications with national federation and need to contact Zonal Vice-Presidents about national federations’ needs.

Dr. Saleh Bin Nasser said in his closing remarks that the AVC had made great improvements over the past several months due to the hard work and efforts from all AVC members and support from FIVB. “However, we still have a long way to go and we must double our efforts so as to achieve ever greater results,” he added.

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