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Nissan Motor Features “Star Wars” Character “Stormtroopers” in Its “JUKE” Model Promotion Blitz

TOKYO, August 27, 2013 — Nissan Motor Co. announced on August 27 that it launched a new nationwide communication campaign featuring the “Stormtrooper,” a character which appears in the “Star Wars” film series popular throughout the world, on August 26 when the partly restyled “JUKE” model was put on the market.

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The new communication campaign featuring Stormtroopers is designed to highlight the new charms of JUKE and arouse consumer interest through a web promotion blitz, which includes a special website, a web movie and Twitter. The multifaceted, comprehensive campaign also involves a TV commercial, cinema advertising (movie theater commercials) and storefront posters at Nissan dealers. In the TV commercial, Stormtroopers meet JUKE, which influences them and renders them into JUKE color.

Timed with the announcement of the partial JUKE remodeling, Nissan also introduced a customized model, “15RX Personalized Package,” to offer motorists the joy and excitement of customizing a vehicle.

Special website:

About the special website

The special JUKE website opened on August 26, 2013. It carries the latest information on the customized model of JUKE as well as a “Simulator” and a “Special Movie.”

About the Simulator

Using the Simulator, the viewer can change the color of the car body and also fine-tune the specifications and colors of various car parts.

In addition, a Stormtrooper also changes to match a customized JUKE.

The Simulator allows the viewer to personally feel the allures of JUKE, which can express the personality of each viewer.

About the movie

On August 26, the special website started showing the movie that coolly and excitingly tells the story of Stormtroopers’ encounter with JUKE. Nissan plans to release its sequels as the promotional campaign unfolds.

The plot of the first movie:

An underground parking lot in Tokyo: A car pulls up in a parking lot, showing its shadow only, and the viewer cannot identify it. However, the vehicle illuminates its surroundings in red light. Stormtroopers on a reconnaissance mission to the Earth appear on the scene and gaze at the red car. The vehicle comes to a stop. Although the car is partially hidden by a column, one can see it is a JUKE.

About the campaign

A “Get JUKE Campaign” also started with the opening of the website. To participate in the campaign, the viewer only has to fill out the campaign form provided and customize the Stormtrooper by selecting a color for it. A winner for JUKE and Stormtrooper Armor will be selected by lottery. A special QUO card will be given away to 100 people each, also to be chosen by lottery. Viewers can also download free of charge a special wallpaper featuring a customized Stormtrooper.

Details of the promotional campaign:


Project title Nissan New Model “JUKE” Promotion
Special site PC:
Promotion period: From August 26, 2013
Contents: Web promotion, including web movies
TV commercials
Cinema advertising (movie theater commercials)
Storefront posters at Nissan dealers, etc.


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