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Engine World Inc Unloaded 200th Container of Used Japanese Engines Today

Los Angeles, CA, August 04, 2013 –(– Engine World Inc has their head office in Japan, it makes it easy for them to source hard to findJDM Used Motors from all over Japan. Their Japan office has good relationship with auto manufacturers of Honda, Toyota, Lexus & Subaru. They have been successfully supplying these low mileage motors to thousands of Auto Repair shops in United States.Today, they unloaded their 200th container full of Japanese motors & Transmissions. It is around 105 degrees in Houston and despite the heat their team did a good job by unloading 105 motors without a scratch on a single engine. They are thankful to their loyal customers for their patronage and for trusting them. Engine World‘s spokesman says they relentlessly check every Engine and Transmission before shipment. They have multiple franchises in United States. Japanese Engines are very famous in California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, Illinois and Texas so they have their franchises selling these motors in these states to meet the demand.According to them, the most famous Japanese engine for them has been for Honda Civic & Toyota Camry. In January 2013, they also started rebuilding motors. Now they rebuild Diesel and Gasoline engines. Their most famous rebuilt engines are Toyota 2AZ for 2002-2010 Toyota Camry, Toyota Rav4 and Toyota Highlander. They also rebuild D16Y8 SOHC VTEC engine for 96-2000 Honda Civic.Automotive bloggers are very impressed with Companies like these who are motivated to sell good “Used” Engines and Transmissions but they are driven by the passion to provide good quality.
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