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Toshiki Komuro appointed CMO of “Nola,” a creative platform with “the largest amount of artists and works in Japan”

-Providing “Japanese original stories(gensaku)” to companies around the world and giving comprehensive support all the way through to anime adaptation.

indent, inc., operator of the creative platform “Nola”, is pleased to announce that Toshiki Komuro, who has been involved in the rise and growth of the webtoon and manga market in Japan, has been appointed CMO.

With the diversification of information distribution and consumption devices, Japanese anime has spread around the world in recent years, and the global Japanese animation market is said to exceed 20 trillion yen by 2033. Under such circumstances, indent has been operating a creative platform to support writers’ creative activities and commercial debuts, and has built an original story(gensaku) base that is the core of the birth of Japanese anime, with over 430,000 registered writers and over 1.5 million works produced in total.

By combining the above foundation with the knowledge of Mr. Komuro, who has served as the director of a company operating an electronic manga distribution platform, indent plans to provide comprehensive support to companies around the world, from “discovery,” “production,” and “publication” of original stories(gensaku) to “anime adaptation” of those works. We are looking forward to hearing from companies wishing to develop original stories(gensaku) in a variety of forms, regardless of genre, including otherworldly(Isekai), romance, fantasy, battle, mystery, science fiction, and more.

About Toshiki Komuro

After graduating from a music university (majoring in music composition), he worked in the music/game industry before moving into the manga industry when he joined NHN comico, Inc. in 2014. He joined LINE Digital Frontier in 2016 and served as the head of the Indies Planning and Operation Department as well as the Sales Department, and was also responsible for the Content Production Office, to which five departments in total, including the LINE Manga Editorial Department and the Indies Planning and Operation Department, belong. In February 2024, he was appointed as CMO of indent, inc.

Message from Mr. Toshiki Komuro  

For more than 20 years, the underlying theme of my life has been “the right talent in the right place”. This theme has not changed at all, not only while I was a student at a music academy, but also after I entered the workforce and became involved in a variety of jobs.

The services that indent offers have been used by more than 430,000 writers, and awareness of our services is spreading among writers. However, it is difficult to say that the service is well known by companies around the world, which are likely to be the most important conduits of talent. When companies try to create novels, manga, webtoons, videos, music, and other works, the source of the work or talent may be found in the very service we provide— that is the vision I would like to realize as CMO of indent. Moreover, I will devote my best efforts to make a great benefit to all the users of indent’s service!


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