WiFiBOX Launches Revolutionary Portable Wi-Fi Self-Rental Service in the United States

Los Angeles, California, March 21, 2024 – WiFiBOX, a pioneering leader of the self-Wi-Fi rental service in Japan, is now bringing the ultimate connectivity to travelers by opening its first locations in the USA.

(will be live on March 21, 2024)

To celebrate its USA launch, bookings made until April 30, 2024, will get 30% discounts. Bookings can be made here:

WiFiBOX is a shared-type Wi-Fi rental service that can be used in 130+ countries, launched in April 2022 in Tokyo, Japan. WiFiBOX introduces a revolutionary approach to portable Wi-Fi access, since it allows immediate reservation, pickup, and use. Key features of WiFiBOX include:

–    Practicality: contactless, quick self-service process from ordering, picking up, to returning

–    Instant connectivity: with no complicated settings, the Wi-Fi unit picks up the best cell provider in the area; ensuring seamless connection

–    Multi-feature: aside from its long-lasting battery life, the unit doubles as a power bank with multiple charging cables pre-installed.

“We are excited to introduce WiFiBOX to the vibrant area of California. Our innovative self-Wi-Fi rental service is designed to provide convenience, flexibility, and reliability, addressing the evolving connectivity needs of modern lifestyles,” said Masayasu Tamura, CEO of Telecom Square, Inc., the company behind WiFiBOX.

WiFiBOX’s rental starts from $4.9 and is now available at:

–    Los Angeles International Airport, arrival and departure floor

–    Tokyo Central Specialty Market, Gardena Store

–    Mitsuwa Marketplace, Costa Mesa

Why the USA?

The United States has a reputation as a hub of innovation and technology adoption. With its dynamic market and diverse consumer base, the country provides an ideal environment for WiFiBOX to introduce its revolutionary self-Wi-Fi rental service, catering to the demands of modern lifestyles.

As to why Los Angeles is the first US location for WiFiBOX, Tamura explains, “California owns LAX and SFO, two of the most popular airports in the world for travelers; therefore, we believe it is a great starting point for the development of WiFiBOX in the United States.”

This momentous move signifies WiFiBOX’s commitment to enhancing the travel experience by providing seamless connectivity to the world’s travelers.

About WiFiBOX

■ Simple booking, pickup, and return process.

■Wi-Fi router. Power bank. All in one unit.

In addition to the pre-installed USB cable to charge the unit, it also comes with 3 types of cables, enabling it to function as a power bank that supports various devices

■Trustworthy connection, affordable rental rates

Starting from $4.9, WiFiBOX supports connectivity in more than 130 countries. Its multi-carrier system ensures you get the best connection available in the area.

The rates above are for one day.

■Official Website:

(will be live on March 21, 2024)

About Telecom Square

Telecom Square, Inc. is the pioneer of mobile communication service in Japan, and for 30 years has been delivering its service under its motto: Peace of Mind, Convenience, and Joy during your travel. Dedicated to bringing new values that enrich people’s traveling activity, Telecom Square keeps innovating to provide useful services from time to time; from portable Wi-Fi to eSIM.

Company Name : Telecom Square, Inc.

Representative : Yuji Yoshitake, Representative Director

Headquarter : Sanbancho Tokyu Building 7F, 8-1 Sanbancho, Chiyoda, Tokyo 102-0075

Established : 1992

Num. of Employees :  125 (as of January 1, 2024)

Details of Business:  Mobile communication service business (providing international communication devices such as portable Wi-Fi routers, prepaid SIM cards, and eSIM), travel-related business (official distributor of Biki, a bike-sharing service in Honolulu-Hawaii, and management of owned-media website on overseas travel information)

Telecom Square, Inc., Global Business Development Group