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Pre-Registration is Now Available for “Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE!” Mobile Game Based on the Comic & TV Animation “Tokyo Revengers”

TOKYO, Oct. 25, 2023 — GOODROID, Inc. announces “Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE!”, the first smartphone game application of the popular manga and animation series “Tokyo Revengers”, will be available in 170 countries, and pre-registration has opened on October 25, 2023 (Wed).

Since its release in Japan in December 2022, PUZZ REVE! has become mega-popular with over three million users. The global version’s release date has been set to December 2023, and pre-registration on the AppStore and Google Play has also started.

A pre-registration campaign is now underway for all pre-registered users to receive “diamonds” that can be used in the game.

PUZZ REVE! is a puzzle RPG where you assemble your own team with popular characters from Tokyo Revengers for National Domination in Japan.

The objective is to defeat powerful enemies who obstruct roads in different parts of Japan and ultimately achieve National Domination.

The latest information about this game will be provided on the official teaser site and official X (Twitter) account.

Official teaser site & X (Twitter) account

Official teaser site:

Official X (Twitter) account: (@toman_game_w)

About the Pre-registration Campaign

Depending on the number of pre-registered users, “diamonds” that can be used for gacha in the game will be given away. If pre-registered users exceed 30,000, diamonds good for a total of 12 gachas will be given away.

Campaign period: From October 25, 2023 (Wed) to the start of the game service.

How to pre-register


Google Play:

X (Twitter): (@toman_game_w)

*The campaign period and campaign are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

*Game images seen here are for illustrative purposes only. Actual images are still under development.

Game overview

• Title: Tokyo Revengers PUZZ REVE!

• Genre: Puzzle game

• Languages: English, French, Traditional Chinese, Korean

• OS: iOS/Android (may be incompatible with certain smartphone models)

• Start date: December 2023

• Fees: Free for basic gaming (in-app purchases)

• Distributor: GOODROID, Inc.

• Planning and production: GOODROID, Inc., KODANSHA Ltd., PONY CANYON INC.

• Teaser site:

• Official X (Twitter): (@toman_game_w)


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