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Worldwide VFX Contest WWVFX CONTEST FOR GAMES 2021 Starting Friday, October 1st! Amount JPY2,000,000 Prize

Now is the chance for you to show the whole world that VFX production you have poured so much effort into.

Oct.1st, 2021, Agni-Flare Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Yokohama, CEO: Takeshi Inaba, hereinafter “Agni-Flare”), a company engaged primarily in the integrated production of 3DCG and designs for games, has started accepting submissions for the WWVFX CONTEST FOR GAMES 2021 (hereinafter “the Contest”), a global, real-time VFX design competition put on by the company.
Agni-Flare also published detailed information on the Contest, including the submission categories, the announcing of awards, and the submission procedure, on the Contest’s official website.

Official WWVFX CONTEST FOR GAMES 2021 website: 

Official WWVFX CONTEST FOR GAMES 2021 social media accounts:





 Use the hashtag #wwvfx and have fun spreading the news!

¥2.0 million in total prize money! As of Friday, October 1st, the WWVFX CONTEST FOR GAMES 2021 has started.

Now is the chance for you to show the whole world that VFX production that you have poured so much effort into

Today, Friday, October 1st, Agni-Flare Co., Ltd., has started accepting submissions for WWVFX CONTEST FOR GAMES 2021,a global, real-time VFX design competition that the same company will be hosting.

A lineup of nine different awards! Compete with others around the world for the category-free top prize

The Contest is accepting submissions of works in two major categories: Student and General. There are a total of nine different awards; the Student category and the General category each have an Explosion section, for works that regard explosions, and a Free section, for works on any topic. Besides the prize money, we also foresee that the winners of the category awards will receive trophies and, in addition, wonderful prizes from the supporting companies, things such as promotional items, software licenses, stickers, and T-shirts. What’s more, there will also be a Gold Award, a top award that submissions in all categories and sections will be eligible for. 

The person who is awarded the Gold Award will receive ¥1.0 million, the highest prize awarded by the Contest. During the Contest, we plan to stream special seminar videos from the supporting companies and schools, and anyone who wishes will be able to watch these videos, so be sure to check and follow the official website and social media accounts. Once the judging for the Contest is complete, we will be streaming the awards ceremony on the web, giving you the opportunity to witness in real time the emergence of new stars and new forms of expression.

We hope that, spurred on by ambition for success, you will take up the challenge and submit one of your works to the Contest.

Based on nine rules and decided by nine judges

Submissions evaluated rigorously by a panel composed of representatives of leading companies in the industry and artists active at the forefront of the field

In the Contest, submitted works will be examined in a unique way: they must comply with nine rules and be evaluated by nine judges. 
The evaluation will be carried out by representatives of leading companies in the industry and by VFX artists active in the field. With their professional perspective, the judges will assign point scores to the artistic elements of each work and subject the works to rigorous evaluation. These top artists will examine the works fairly and thoroughly, ensuring that the quality of each work is appraised properly. 
For details such as the submission rules, the judging process, and updated information, please check the Contest’s official website.

Go to our official social media accounts to share info

The Contest has set up official social media accounts to serve as communities for people interested in VFX. If you want to enjoy interacting, exchanging information, and chatting with others who share your interest in visual effects, please register on — and follow — our official social media accounts. On our social media accounts, from time to time we will be posting new information, contest updates, event information, campaign information, and more, so please do check these accounts.

Contest overview

The Contest is a competition among VFX works, and the aim of the competition is to help more people experience the fun of visual effects, mainly in the gaming industry. To enter a submission in the Contest, no qualifications are required! The Contest, which invites submissions from all over the globe, is a worldwide event in which artists from around the world compete against each other in expressing themselves through VFX.
By means of the Contest, we want to energize the entire VFX industry by revitalizing the VFX community, uncovering new stars among VFX artists, and more, and the Contest is endorsed and supported by corporations that are currently very influential in the industry of gaming and 3DCG design. This is the chance for you to test your imagination against the works of a large number of others in an intense competition of expression.
If you have a VFX work that you’ve poured your whole soul into, we’re looking forward to seeing it.

Company Profile

Company Name: Agni-Flare Co., Ltd.

Representative:  Takeshi Inaba

Location: 6th Floor, HF Shin-Yokohama Building, 2-17-19 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Date established: December 21st, 2010

Business activities: 
 1. Producing computer graphics special effects for videos and games
 2. Planning and producing videos using computer graphics
 3. Sale and licensing of still image and video footage data
 4. Development of applications for handheld devices
 5. Development of software for home video game consoles
 6. Fee-charging employment placement
 7. Temporary staffing
 8. Any and all business incidental to the preceding items