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Youth Webinar for Peace Action

Mayors for Peace, which is presided over by the Mayor of Hiroshima, is a non-partisan organization consisting of over 8,000 member cities in 165 countries and regions around the world. It promotes various initiatives in solidarity with these member cities transcending national borders for the realization of an ultimate goal of nuclear weapons abolition and everlasting world peace.

In July, Mayors for Peace adopted a new vision called Vision for Peaceful Transformation to a Sustainable World, or PX Vision for short, and its Action Plan for up until 2025. This new vision sets forth three objectives: “Realize a world without nuclear weapons,” “Realize safe and resilient cities,” and “Promote a culture of peace.” It lays out the most important mission for Mayors for Peace as to promote policy change by causing a culture of peace―one in which the everyday actions of each member of the public are grounded in thinking about peace―to take root in civil society, as well as by forming public support for the realization of a peaceful world without nuclear weapons.

As part of our efforts to promote a culture of peace, we will hold the Mayors for Peace Youth Webinar for Peace Action to raise peace consciousness among young people who carry our future on their shoulders. This webinar aims to stimulate youth-led peace activities through discussions among youth from around the world, and to inspire the audience to think about what they themselves can do for building peace.

1 Date & time 
August 26 (Thurs.), from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Japan time

2 Platform
Zoom (+Livestreaming on YouTube)

3 Content 
Young people from around the world will give presentations on their peace activities and have a discussion.
⑴ Facilitator
Ms. Keiko Nakamura (Associate professor, Research Center for Nuclear Weapons Abolition, Nagasaki University)
⑵ Proceedings
    1)  Opening remarks by the Mayor of Hiroshima (2 min.)
  2) Message from a UN representative (TBC)
  3) Outline of webinar proceedings (3 min.)
  4) Presentations by young activists (50 min.) 5-minute presentation × 9 groups 
  5) Q&A session (30 min.)
  6) Summary (5 min.)
  7) Closing
⑶ Speakers
・Youth Peace Volunteers (Japan): Mr. Yuto Nakamura
・KNOW NUKES TOKYO (Japan): Mr. Yuta Takahashi & Ms. Suzuka Nakamura
・Nagasaki Youth Delegation (Japan): Ms. Ayane Murakami & Ms. Nao Suzuki
・University of Malaya (Malaysia): Ms. Sumayyah Mohd Mazlan & Ms. Aqidah liman
・New Zealand Red Cross (New Zealand): Mr. Sakhr Munassar
・In Flanders Field Museum (Belgium): Mr. Alexandro Yaramis
・PAX (Netherlands): Ms. Alejandra Muñoz
・UN Youth4Disarmament Initiative (UK/Germany): Ms. Marykate Monaghan & Ms. Isa Begemann
・Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (US): Mr. Jack Moses

4 Language
English (No interpretation to Japanese)

5 Registration for YouTube livestream
Please go to the registration page below.
Registration deadline: August 22, 2021

6 Request for coverage
The host venue of the webinar will be Conference Management Room 6 on the Basement 1 of the International Conference Center Hiroshima.
If you wish to cover the webinar on site, please contact the Mayors for Peace Secretariat by 5 pm on August 24. If you only wish to view the webinar on YouTube, access the registration page above.
For inquiries, please contact the secretariat below. If you are in Hiroshima to cover the Peace Memorial Ceremony on August 6, the Mayors for Peace Secretariat can take questions in advance.