Disseminating Meiji University’s research ability to the world! University-specific information transmission site “” English site is now available is a university-originated information transmission site where faculty members of Meiji University explain familiar social issues and make recommendations through their own research. In addition to the existing Japanese site, an English site has been launched to disseminate the University’s research ability not only in Japan but also to the world, in order to improve the university’s recognition overseas. 

English site  

Japanese site

On, we have established five categories of Business, Society and Life, International, IT and Science, and Career and Education to cover a wide range of topics, taking advantage of the strength of Meiji University as a comprehensive university.

The English site has an animated video area created based on the articles, with the aim of deepening understanding of the articles’ content through video.

We have also created a special section on the theme “Considering the Novel Coronavirus Infection from the Perspective of Public Policy”, where faculty members of the Graduate School of Governance Studies (Public Policy School) of the Professional Graduate School can share their insights from their respective professional perspectives.

We will continue to focus on domestic and international issues and provide timely information.


Public Relations Office, Meiji University