FANTEC Co., Ltd. to Release “Hard Crisis”, a Survival RPG for iOS / Android

Hard Crisis is an adventure survival RPG set on an unknown star. The story begins as the protagonists had a crash landing on an unexpected planet where players will have encounters with unfamiliar aliens, freezing blizzards, poisonous marshes and other geographic elements.
While momentary decisions could spell life or death, the key to beating the game depends on whether the player can lead all of the protagonists to a safe escape.

[Characteristics of the Game]

・Simple, beautiful pixel art

・Huge maps that can be explored for many hours

・Multiple endings that vary based on the user’s choices


Half a year has passed since the protagonist enrolled in training school for the Space Investigation Team. At this school, an exam is held twice a year to join the Investigation Team officially.

The main task of this exam involves planet investigations which the team of trainees, including the protagonist, was headed to a planet that the protagonist’s role model investigated in the past.

The protagonists took off, each with their own thoughts. However, they hit a space debris on their way and had a crash landing on an unexpected planet.

While a member from the group went missing and the spaceship destroyed with no connection to the headquarter, the protagonists must find a way out…

[App Overview]

App Name: Hard Crisis

Genre: RPG

Developer: FANTEC Co., Ltd.

Download Price : $1.99

Supported Operating Systems: iOS/Android

Store URL:



Copyrights: FANTEC Corp.

Launch Date: 2020/10/14


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